GameSpy: Tools of the Trade: A Dead Rising 2 Wishlist

GameSpy writes: "When Capcom released Dead Rising in mid-2006, it adeptly blended tried-and-true zombie film archetypes with cutting-edge technology to create something altogether new. Unlike the creepier, more atmospheric Resident Evil titles, Dead Rising focused on the sheer glee of hacking one's way through thousands of zombies with whatever implements are handy. Setting the game in a shopping mall made that all the easier, as a hilariously gory kill was never more than an arm's length away."

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PS3isBUST3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Everything is 360 now. PS3 needs to drop out, even multi games seem like 360 excluvies.

I hope the NPD sales get even more punishing for PS3, because they need to drop out.