Battlefield Heroes Beta now open again for registrations

It would seem that EA have opened the doors for a limited time to their upcoming dabble in the micro-transactions market. are running a piece on the newly opened Beta and have the details on how to sign up.

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peeps3412d ago

hope i can get into this. missed the opportunities before when they did the usual 'post here at a certain time for a beta key' wonder when this will finally release though. i mean it was supposed to be summer 08

BrotherNick3412d ago

Same with Quake Live, fortunately I'm in it now. :3

HardcoreGamer3412d ago

I liked battlefield 2 modern combat the best , bad company was kinda ok, but noway more fun in gameplay than bf2. i hope this goes back to the roots and gameplay and features etc. just with cartoon style i dont mind i hope its good

BrotherNick3412d ago

Free FTW! I've done the microtransaction thing before, 1 dollar turns into 50 quickly. If I get the urge I'm quitting immediately.

peeps3412d ago

yeh got into quake live msyelf a few nights ago and so far really impressed with the whole set up. seems more an more of these free to play games are coming out. not a great comparison (and imo it's pretty pointless atm) but home on ps3 is free but has generated loads of money already just from people buying things like virtual clothing :o

Cicinho3412d ago

This on pc or ps3 or 360 or what?

TheIneffableBob3411d ago

You would know if you read the little story box up there.