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Submitted by TThijs 3274d ago | news

Jack Thomspon versus Manhunt 2

Lawyer Jack Thomspon is once again protesting against a violent game. In the past he has protested against GTA: San Andreas and not so long ago he tried to ban the game Bully. This time Thompson is trying to ban Rockstar's recently announced Manhunt 2.

Thompson said that some individuals asked him to protest against the new Manhunt game. This would be because a friend of the individuals was murdered by someone who played Manhunt.

This is the letter Jack Thompson wrote about the situation.

"Miami attorney and anti-violent video game activist Jack Thompson has been asked by individuals in the United Kingdom to help stop the distribution of Take-Two / Rockstar's hyperviolent video game Manhunt 2 in that country due out this summer. The game will feature stealth murder and torture. The last version allowed suffocation of victims with plastic bags."

"The original Manhunt was responsible for the bludgeoning death of a British youth by his friend who obsessively played the game. The killer used a hammer just as in the game he played. Take-Two / Rockstar, anticipating the firestorm of criticism with the release of the murder simulator sequel, is lying to the public on both sides of the pond in stating this week that the game had nothing to do with the murder. Take-Two is also stating that the sun does not rise in the east because Take-Two makes no money from its rising in the east. Take-Two has been repeatedly found in the U.S. by the federal government to be guilty of fraud, so what would one expect it to say.

Jack Thompson has agreed to this request from the U.K. Look for this effort to begin shortly given the summer of 2007 release date." (Industry, Manhunt 2, PS2, PSP, Wii)

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ChickeyCantor  +   3275d ago
why cant that idiot, blame the parents? i mean they are the ones who buy their kids 16/18+ games.......and parents who support him are damn hypocrites
techie  +   3274d ago
He's talking bollocks. Manhunt was an intellegent mockery of the state of entertainment - ending up by you killing the producer of the outrageous reality show.

Also the kid was not murdered by his friend who was obsessed with manhunt! The kid who got murdered was obsessed with manhunt, not the kid who killed him. So really it's slightly ironic. Stupid parents for letting him play an 18 game.
kamakazi  +   3274d ago
we all know he isnt going to get anything done. when does MANHUNT 2 come out
ortayus  +   3274d ago
The Real Problem
They just need to ban all hammers and the event will never be repeated.
HokieFan  +   3274d ago
I grew up playing Mortal Kombat where I was rewarded for tearing a guy's head off...yet I haven't gone nuts and killed people.

The responsiblity lies on the parents, not on the government. If they took the time to talk with their children instead of letting video games and TV babysit for them, you wouldn't see these horrible things happen. I guess it's easier for parents to let the government censor everything than it is for them to actually be good parents.
Sphinx  +   3274d ago
He's just trying to be a...
...parent to parents who don't parent their children. Which makes no sense.
WTF  +   3274d ago
Besides every video game is labeled from E to M rating.So, if the parents use the eyes, they can clearly see what game are suitable for their children.As for this guy(thing), man get a life you suck in every way possible.Looks like nobody wants him, so he use the video games as way or excuse to be on the news.Maybe momy never gave him a gaming console.Sad very sad.
Legionaire2005  +   3274d ago
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more no more no more!!!!!!
Jack!!!! Thomspon at it again tis tis. This time public enemy number one Manhunt 2. What I don't understand is why can there be R rated movies but no R or A rated games? We are living in a society where censorsip and security is the future, and it will only get worst. There is something rotten in denmark and it's right here in America and all over world. This guy is a threat to the gaming community. He wants to censor everything!!!!
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urpabo  +   3274d ago
What I want to know is how many of the above posters played a rated game before they were 18, or a game that would have been rated M. Their parents probably didn't do the best job either, but they can place 100% of responsibilities on someone elses parents.

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