10 handheld RPGs worth levelling up for in 2009

With the wintry economic climate pulling at our purse strings, Pocket Gamer has taken a look at contemporary forms of entertainment and calculated a new way to quantify value for money in our amusement avenues.
By dividing the average cost of, for example, a DS game by the number of hours entertainment it provides, Pocket Gamer has worked out the 'value per hour' rating of various kinds of entertainment. This article demonstrates how this new system works, and provides a list of 10 DS and PSP RPGs that provide the best 'value per hour' ratings to save you money as the credit crunch bites.

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gaffyh3506d ago

KH is really the only one I'm looking forward to, but Phantasy Star looks pretty sweet.

dgroundwater3505d ago

Portable Phantasy Star with wifi coop sounds amazing if you have a buddy. Probably not worth it if you don't use multiplayer, like the other ones though.