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The Retro Game Review - September 2012

846d ago - Here’s the latest episode of The Retro Game Review - a summary of September's retro gaming news.... | PS2

A Challenge: Play Your Portables In Public

941d ago - Digibred wants you to play your games in public and stop worrying about evil glances. | Nintendo DS

Package Wars: Fight of the Monster Hunter Clones

1570d ago - Andriasang: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's packaging has been revealed. How does it compare to clo... | PSP

RPG Deals 3/28 – 4/3

1763d ago - There's a big list of discounted RPGs this week, as Russ hunts them all down and tells where to g... | 1,2,3,4,5,9,12

Grand Theft Auto V (XB1) Review

Now - Ken returns to Los Santos and gets lost in its world again. | Promoted post

Buy DS game, get 1 free: RPG Deals 3/21 – 3/27

1769d ago - RPG Deals this week are highlighted by a buy-one-get-one DS game sale, as well as some discounts... | 1,2,3,4,5,12

GameStooge Awards 2009: Technical Awards, Part II

1839d ago - The 2009 GameStooge Awards continue with the fourth part of the Awards – the Technical category t... | 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12

Sega Details Phantasy Star Portable Best Version

1969d ago - Anoop Gantayat: There was a bit of confusion yesterday from box art released for Phantasy Star Po... | 4

Nidzumi: Phantasy Star Portable Review

1978d ago - Nidzumi writes: "Phantasy Star Portable sadly doesn't quite measure up to Monster Hunter.It... | 4

Real Gamer: Phantasy Star Portable Review

2002d ago - Overall Phantasy Star Portable will only appeal to fans of the franchise. There's simply not enou... | 4

Boomtown Review: Phantasy Star Portable

2078d ago - Boomtown: Space, Anime, Girls, Guns, Monsters and Bikinis Yup, that would pretty much explain... | 4

AceGamez: Phantasy Star Portable Review

2079d ago - Phantasy Star Portable could so easily have been the triple-A title that the PSP so sorely needs... | 4

DarkZero Review: Phantasy Star Portable

2079d ago - The Phantasy Star series has been around for over 20 years, but it did not start out as a game th... | 4

Eurogamer Portugal Review: Phantasy Star Portable

2086d ago - Editor writes: "Phantasy Star Portable is a game that was almost at the outset to belong to... | 4

BritishGaming: Phantasy Star Portable Review

2086d ago - When it comes to portable Phantasy Star games, you've got a choice to make; wait for Phantasy Sta... | 4

MonsterVine: Phantasy Star Portable Review

2087d ago - MV: "Phantasy Star Portable is an enjoyable experience that all PSP owners should try.... | 4

Phantasy Star Portable - D+PAD Review

2088d ago - D+PAD: But more often than not it feels stunted; starved for options that were never developed. F... | 4

GDN: Phantasy Star Portable Review

2089d ago - GDN writes: "There are some cool mechanics in the game like Partner machinery, TECHNICS, spe... | 4

GameZine: Phantasy Star Portable Review

2089d ago - GZ writes: "Basically, this is how it goes: an evil force called SEED invades our galaxy; se... | 4

Play.TM: Phantasy Star Portable Review

2092d ago - Judged without thoughts to the series' history, Phantasy Star Portable is a decent stab at crafti... | 4

GameOn Review - Phantasy Star: Portable

2092d ago - GameOn writes: "The Phantasy Star series is one I missed the first time it came around, so w... | 4

Contests For N4G Members

Now - Prizes for members like YOU! | Promoted post
30° - Phantasy Star Portable Review

2093d ago - The Phantasy Star series comes to the PSP. Will it's tradition of super addictive gameplay carry... | 4

EDGE June 2009 (New Details on Bizzarre's Next Project)

2094d ago - All the review scores and the details of the cover feature in EDGE's June 2009 issue. | 1,2,3,4,5,11,12

Game Focus: Phantasy Star Portable Review

2098d ago - Kabir Singh: "Overall, weak production values hurt a game that had a lot of potential. Hardc... | 4

ReviewBusters: Phantasy Star Portable Review

2099d ago - ReviewBusters writes: "All around I think Phantasy Star Portable is a great buy for any PSP... | 4

HEXUS.gaming reviews - Phantasy Star Portable

2099d ago - "Gamers are going to fall into one of two categories when it comes to Phantasy Star Portable... | 4
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Phantasy Star Portable

Average Score 6.8 Reviews(53)
Release Dates
PSP Release Dates
JP 31 July 2008
EU 03 April 2009
US 03 March 2009