Mass Effect 2 will feature at GDC 2009


"BioWare will present the iterative level design process of Mass Effect 2 at this year's Game Developer's Conference.

Mass Effect was an exciting action RPG that broke western audiences into a new kind of game. Now BioWare are moving forward with Mass Effect 2, and implementing a new process of level-creation that will be showcased and explained at GDC '09."

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Harry Reid3330d ago

Being published by EA, I'm glad to see this game going multiplatform.

SRU96003330d ago

Don't you have a country to ruin?

Sez 3330d ago

it won't be on the ps3. but you can spend the money to upgrade your pc so it could run the game a couple months after the 360 get the game.

SuperM3330d ago

If it can run on a 360 then it should run on most pc's :P

HighDefinition3330d ago

If it didn`t, I would be surprised. Might be timed, but either way.

SRU96003330d ago

The first Mass Effect was awesome, and I think Mass Effect 2 will be epic.
Mass Effect 3 will probably fry our minds. lol

Megaton3330d ago

lol @ 1.1.

I've got a friend who loves Mass Effect, but I just don't see the attraction myself. I'm not the biggest WRPG fan in the world, though. In-fact, the only WRPG I can remember liking is Fallout 3.

Perjoss3330d ago

"If it can run on a 360 then it should run on most pc's :P"

not really, the pc version of the first mass effect game had improved textures and was actually quite a demanding game, not that the 360 version looked bad or anything, it actually looked really good.

Danja3330d ago

well im hoping they release this game on the PS3...because I really enjoyed the 1st Mass Effect...but if not....then 360 version it is....either way I dont care....I just wanna play it....

prowiew3330d ago

Cant wait for this game. Loved the first one

morganfell3330d ago

Bioware themselves have stated the game is not an exclusive. They stated they NEVER had any plans for exclusivity either. If you want to claim it's a 360 exclusive you can but the fact is you would be wrong.

Graphics Whore3330d ago

It's EA if you really believe their going to stay Xbox 360/PC exclusive then you're ignorant.

Rhoic3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

I strongly disagree with you(but that's expected since you thought Gears of War 2 was coming to the PS3)

Mass Effect 2 will be exclusive to the 360 for AT LEAST a short period of time. And then probably just go to PC.

@Graphics Whore

EA produced Left 4 Dead and Spore.. I don't see those on the PS3.

zethos563330d ago

Ever think that might be referring to the PC.

No Way3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

So.. let me get this right.

You post a website that says the "bigwig" Ray Muzyka says they were "committed to bringing the Mass Effect trilogy exclusively to the Xbox 360."

Then the site says "a BioWare representative" one not even named says that Ray Muzyka was "incorrect" and "never confirmed any plans of Mass Effect exclusivity for the trilogy."

So, tell me if I'm right.. You say that the game will not be exclusive because An Unnamed Representative says that the bigwig Ray Muzyka was wrong? Yahh, Okay...

Try Again..

GUNS N SWORDS3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

it's 09 already and rather than announcing a ps3 mass effect, they're more anxious to announce a sequel.

if some of you guys want the game on ps3 your going to have to wait until they mention the first game. (think of it, if not your missing out on 60 hrs worth of game play and story)

and as far as that's concern they have not even said one word on that. now, they did however mentioned that the 360 is going to get the whole trilogy.

Why dis3329d ago

PS3 doesn't have the RAM... lol

Nevermind the game being built from the ground up for MSFT systems.

RememberThe3573329d ago

As I read through these comments I realize that the game may just go to the PS3.

The PS3 has a 19 mil user install base. That would be hard to ignore.

That said I still think it's going to stay only on PC and Xbox 360, but if it went to the PS3 I wouldn't be surprised.

IcarusOne3329d ago

As someone said already, the conversation seems mute until an announcement is made about the first Mass Effect going to PS3. Unless they're taking a left turn with the 2nd game (which I don't think they are), I don't see how you could fully enjoy the story without playing through the first one.

I agree, Bioware would be smart to release the whole trilogy multiplat. The first game is easily in my top 5 of all time, and I'm eagerly awaiting the 2nd. Can't wait to see what they do with it. At the rate things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if the 3rd game is a 720 launch title.

barom3329d ago

Wow. BioWare is crazy. Working on Dragon Age, Star Wars MMO and Mass Effect 2?

Prototype3329d ago

When I had the 360 I didn't care for Mass Effect. Not because it was exclusive or had tons of graphic-related errors, but because it had a very slow beginning and I fell asleep every 5-10 min, glad I rented it.

I'd prefer Fallout 3 any day over this game, and Fallout 3 was my digital crack until the Socom 1.3 patch :D

Why dis3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Moot the notion is.

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InMyOpinion3330d ago

Awesome! Mass Effect is my favorite RPG this gen. Think I'm going to replay it soon.

Sez 3330d ago

i going to replay it after work. start a new game. i can't wait for this game. day one purchase for me.

HighDefinition3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Is my favorite RPG this gen. So far......

Perjoss3330d ago

"Awesome! Mass Effect is my favorite RPG this gen. Think I'm going to replay it soon."

Amazing game, I'm on my 3rd play through, and considering you can do stuff in pretty much any order you want and play as many different class combos it makes the game not feel too repetitive at all.

InMyOpinion3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

I take it you are very excited about the exclusive DLC coming out on the 360 this month then? ;)

@Perjoss - My first playthrough was as the "soldier" class (I don't remember the exact names). This time I will play as the opposite, a "force" user.

Nicolator3330d ago

i enjoyed the hell outa this game... probably finished it.. like 4 times or something.. by far my best RPG so far ...cant wait..

HighDefinition3330d ago

Games that are this big (IMO) don`t need DLC. Like Fallout3 and GTAIV. :(

Tiberium3329d ago

saying it's coming out on the ps3 is as stupid as saying mgs4 is coming out on the 360. mgs4 is 3rd party too.

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panasonic233330d ago

hahahahahahahah here we go again ahhaahah but i told yall sonyfans ms didn't announce their o9 lineup yet hhahahah loook they praying mass effect go multi haahh

awi59513330d ago

You ps3 owners want have a superpowered character that will transfer to the next game like the rest of us.

Sez 3330d ago

i don't think that it will go to the ps3. i think a couple months back. when bioware was talking about ME2. one of the dev's said that. in the new game. one of the characters that you lost in the first one. will be returning.the person depend on the decision you made in the first game. i thinking of the part of the game where you had to choose between the girl get ambushed by the geth or the guy that gets left behind when the bomb exploded. so that will also be missing from the ps3 version as well as many other this.

basiclly the ps3 version will be gimped or delayed to make up a side story to fill in for the first game.

SuperM3330d ago

Oh noes, so we actually have to level the character? that sucks!!!
wait... isnt that sort of the point of the game?

Faztkiller3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

not sure if they can legally but ps3 version would be on bluray so they could put the first game on the disk with the second

btw if the texture pop in is not fix i am not buying it anyway

Sez 3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

yeah they probably could fit Mass effect 1 on blu-ray with ME2. but i take it you are not informed. because MS published the first game. so unless MS decides to be nice enough to allow sony to have the first game. it won't happen. and if the ps3 does get MS2. it will be gimped in story and LVL (if you still can carry over your LVL from the first game).as well as some of the choices that was made in the first game.

Nicolator3330d ago

i would surely like all ps3 360 pc owners to enjoy this game its a beautiful piece of work .. very unique..

cayal3329d ago

Mass Effect was brilliant (though I thought having 5 main missions was a bit of a let down).

I wouldn't be surprised if ME2 is multi-plat. And they don't even need ME1, they just have to write a story about what happened. Metal Gear did it.

RememberThe3573329d ago

Microsoft published the game for the 360 and EA published it for the PC.

EA now owns the rights to the franchise and they can do what they want with it.

Also Mass Effect 2 will pick up right after the first with your original character. However, if you don't have the save file for the first game you will be able to start a brand new character.

IcarusOne3329d ago

I didn't know that the persistent character was confirmed. I heard it was a possibility but that they're also toying with the idea of making your original Shepard an NPC that you interact with throughout the game.

If we all start out with superhero Shepards, wouldn't it make leveling up a little less important? Or they'd have to severely scale the enemies up.

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