PC Won't Get Lord of the Rings: Conquest Demo

A demo for Pandemic's Lord of the Rings Conquest was released for the PS3 two weeks ago and for the Xbox 360 last week. So will the PC demo be released this week? Nope. In fact, it's never being released.

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TheIneffableBob3423d ago

Doesn't make sense. People pirate because they want to know how the game plays and runs. Demos help stop piracy, so why not put out more demos?

EvilCackle3423d ago

People pirate because they want the game free. I doubt many of them, upon discovering the game runs fine on their system, immediately delete the pirated copy and then run out to buy it.

TheExecutive3423d ago

dont worry you are missing absolutely nothing.

TheIneffableBob3423d ago

Without a demo, people won't know how the game runs or plays, so they are unsure whether or not to buy it. So their most convenient other option to test out the game is to pirate it, and once the full game is on their desktop they don't really feel like buying the game anymore. With a demo, they don't get to play the full game after trying the game out, so there's more of an incentive to buy.

The Judderman3423d ago

I played the demo. Its crap.

kharma453423d ago

I actually thought the demo was decent, not as bad as I was expecting.

InMyOpinion3423d ago

Not crap but it didn't seem as good as the SW:Battlefront games.

Ju3423d ago

I thought the demo was surprisingly good. I didn't expect much. But the visuals are pretty good. I saw some screenshots, and wasn't expecting to much, but in motion its much better. I like the "classes" you can choose from, the "heros" and it plays pretty spot on. I still would say its a pimped hack-n-slash, but I like that genre.

Charmers3423d ago

I don't even need to play the demo to know it's crap. It is made by pandemic that name is synonymous with crap.

InMyOpinion3423d ago

The first Mercenaries and SW:Battlefront 1 & 2 were awesome. Mercenaries 2 was a bit of a letdown though.

Gothdom3423d ago

PC gamers won't get a demo so they won't know that it is crap until they bought it.

Pirates 2
Pandemic 1
Average Joe 0

ASSASSYN 36o3423d ago

The game sucks. Graphics are out dated and it requires you to register with EA on xbox-live just to play online!