Confirmed: Bioshock 2 screenshot and info fake

2K Games has just confirmed to that the Bioshock Sea of Dreams Big Daddy screenshot is actually some early concept work and is not genuine.

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die_fiend3241d ago

That was obvious...that's not even early concept work of Bioshock 2, that's early work of the original. Can't wait for the sequel tho. Bioshock 1 is absolutely immense, my favourite game this gen I feel.

morriss3241d ago

I can't wait either! Loved the first one.

Mike Bowden3241d ago

One of my favourite games this gen

Vahn163241d ago

Back to waiting for real info, then. C'mon, 2K!

morriss3241d ago

The article says "later this year". That could mean anything. :(

Mike Bowden3241d ago

I hope we hear something soon!

dgroundwater3241d ago

I just want some concrete info! The first one was so good, one of those games worth playing over because it is so interesting.

ahnonamis3241d ago

People actually thought that they were legit?

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