Call of Duty: WaW Dethrones Halo 3 on Xbox Live

For the first time in months, a new champion sits atop the Xbox Live User Activity List (which tracks games based on the number of users playing them in a given week.)For a very long time, Halo 3 has ruled the roost, and few have been able to challenge it. However, a new post on Major Nelson's blog has revealed the newest activity list, and Halo 3 has finally been dethroned.

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Viewtiful3640d ago

Yeah, I loved Halo 2 and Modern Warfare, but I thought both sequels were botched a bit.

jamesrocks31473640d ago

happend with call of duty 4. cod4 did the same thing and to right cod4 is better then cod5 aswel.

barom3640d ago

I can still never understand why Halo 3 is such a great game. It's good but I just don't see why it's like this top notch FPS that everybody likes. I mean I can totally see why people like Mass Effect, Bioshock, Gears Of War but I can't see it at all what makes Halo 3 so great.

mario8883640d ago

Halo 3 is a Noob game. All the little kiddies love this game because it so easy. I doesn't take much skill to just run up to someone and just use the plasma sword to get a kill. Then you hear the little kiddies screaming into the mike " I'm so F*ing good" and you suck.

Dread3640d ago

clearly you havent played halo 3 much


znu3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

If you don't like halo it's ur loss,
Just like 360 fanboys are at a loss if they don't like Resistance

My friend has a 360, and he brings his 360 over, we play halo for hours, then warhawk, then we go over to rockband and then to Resistance 2

I like halo, and i like resistance
If Bungie were to make it for ps3 id be like hell yes!
Just another great game added,

btw i've played Halo 3 for atleast 40 hours over the past few months and i have yet to see one kid crying on the mic, they're all adults crying because my friend keeps owning them xD

oh yea and btw, its not a kiddie game, if u see a pro play (like my friend) then u'll be like holy sh!t cause i swear that guy has no life past FPS games

barom3639d ago

You know instead of almost implying that I'm a PS3 fanboy of some sort (quote from you "just like 360 fanboys are at loss if they don't like Resistance"). Why not just explain to me why Halo 3 is so great?

I mean I might be a bit biased but I try to remain objective. And like i said I can see why Mass Effect, Bioshock and Gears Of War is loved so much. But Halo 3 feel so generic, there's absolutely nothing outstanding about it. Why does it deserve 10s? I just can't see it.

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Viewtiful3640d ago

I never thought it would happen, again! I think Modern Warfare had the title for a while back in early 2008, but since then Halo 3 has been pretty much untouchable.

cain1413640d ago

Just glad to see that doritoes game is off the list

power of Green 3640d ago

New hot games always Dethrones Halo, as soon as the new hot title is out for awhile Halo always jumps to the top again.

Halo has the greatest staying power ever.

cain1413640d ago

For the most part it's true. I still play it from time to time...

EastCoastSB3640d ago

I actually popped it back in yesterday after a few months off.

SixZeroFour3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

yea...COD4 did this when it was pretty new and actually kept the title for a long time and Halo3 was thought to be down and out as king, but a couple months ago it took over that COD WaW is out and still pretty new its their turn for top

the real question is HOW LONG WILL IT LAST? theres just something about halo 3 that is entertaining...for me, anyways

and with halo 3 coming out with its expansion game "Halo: ODST" and guaranteed new maps for halo 3 multiplayer...i see halo 3 coming back on top in 09' for sure

ape0073640d ago

waw mp is awesome,quick and satisfying

can't wait for IW's next blockbuster

Gamingisfornerds3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Unless that's not what you're implying, your post does give that impression...

Edit: Just noticed Cain141's comment who pretty much nails it.

ape0073640d ago

see comment 6.1

sorry,I wrote it like Im not an expert cod fan

Gamingisfornerds3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

We can't all be COD expert fans. Just keep practising and you'll eventually get there. Took me years, but once you achieve this, a whole world of opportunities opens up for ya.

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