GameStop in Philly robbed: 50 videogames and 10k taken

Ever have one of those days at work? You know, the kind of day where someone ties you up and steals $10,000 dollars from your place of employment? An employee at GameStop in Philadelphia had one of those today. The specifics are a bit vague, but apparently during a shift this morning a man walked into the GameStop with a gun, tied up an employee, stole 10 grand and walked out with around 50 videogames.

Thankfully, no one was hurt – except the potential owners of these fine 50 videogames. If we all used services like Steam then we wouldn't have to worry about incidents like this. Digital copies of games can't be stolen by gunpoint (unless done very creatively) therefore it's obvious that digital copies are better than physical copies of games.

The suspect is described by a local ABC News outlet as "a male, wearing all black and a black mask." No word on how a GameStop acquired $10,000 or the titles of the games that he stole.

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