Zero Punctuation reviews Fable 2

This week Zero Punctuation reviews Peter Molyneux's latest action rpg adventure, Fable 2.

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PirateThom3683d ago

"One would think a game called Fable would be all about the story. I mean, a guy who works as a Blacksmith for 20 years to save up and buy a house for his c--- wife, yeah, that's the kind of timeless legend that will live on through the ages."

Ha, epic!

vitz33683d ago

About damn time someone saw the game the same way I do. Fable has about as much depth that you couldn't drown a face-down baby in it.

Never trust a Peter M.

coolfool3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

I don't agree with all of them but they are delivered with such dry cynicism that you can't help but laugh!

I was going to post this myself until I saw that someone had got there first.

Not many have looked at this story, I guess the escapist isn't that popular.....yet. I am sure it will be though.

Lekumkee3683d ago

Pretty much stop playing after the mission where I have to escort the singing fat girl collecting water. I really don't see what all the 9 reviews are all about, the combat is lame as crap. Seriously, can you really die in this game? The attack button is basically the "win" button. I'm not coming back to this game too much time invested on a rare gem in Valkyria Chronicles, and after that I have Gears 2.