Top 10 Most Annoying Video Game Enemies of All Time

There’s a fine line between difficulty and irritation, and the enemies on this list manage to cross it. These are 10 of the most annoying enemies in gaming, the foes we love to hate.

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NecrumOddBoy330d ago

I really hate adware ridden websites with multiple clickbait pages. Pay the $5 extra dollars to have a real website folks

strayanalog329d ago

Agreed. At the very least give the reader a choice to read the entire article on one page!

Moonman329d ago

Thanks for the heads up. Can't stand that

strayanalog329d ago

To save everyone interested from clicking so many pages-

Murlocs (WOW), Hunters (Halo), Creepers (Minecraft), Zubats (Pokémon), Bonewheel Skeletons (Dark Souls),  Like Likes (Zelda), Your nemesis (Shadow of Mordor), Marlboros (Final Fantasy), Hammer Bros. (Mario), Birds Ninja Gaiden)

And no ‎Shao Kahn? Seriously?! He's one of the biggest a-holes in gaming. Oh, and not an enemy in the traditional sense, but I would like to nominate Tingle (Zelda: Wind Waker)‎ for the record. His greed could have been Hyrule's downfall if Link wouldn't have paid him.‎

Hugodastrevas329d ago

Instead of the Malboros it should be those fucking frogs on FFVII, annoying as hell!