Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review: EA Goes to the Dark Side | USgamer

USgamer: "Is EA's new shooter more than the sum of its microtransactions?"

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Community396d ago
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Leeroyw396d ago

Finally. I think the tide is turning. We have talked about MTs for so long. People are starting to speak with their wallets. I love star wars. But to be told MTs are a necessary evil is ridiculous.

Say no.

And we are starting to.

datriax396d ago

"But to be told MTs are a necessary evil is ridiculous. "

In this day and age, I just can't blame these companies for trying.

Biggest s**thead move that I absolutely loathe with ever fiber of my being, but given how colossally STUPID the "gaming community" on the greater scale has shown itself to be? Not surprised in the least.

cooperdnizzle396d ago

Please everyone do not buy this game. We can end this debacle right now. Pick it up used if ya have to. I’m not saying the gameplay is bad or that is not amazing looking, but the Philosophy of this game is pure evil. And I actually believe most gamers are pretty informed and have a brain. This one we need to stop dead in it’s tracks

deboyike396d ago

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DialgaMarine396d ago

I have to ask though, are the microtransactions genuinely that bad? Or are reviewers trashing the game just because of EA.

Palitera396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Gamespot spent 100 USD on microtransactions. Ended up with ~40% the credits needed for unlocking Darth Vader. Considering you don't spend the credits on anything else.

So it was ~260 USD to unlock Darth Vader. Now it is "just" ~65 USD.

For Darth Vader.

In a Star Wars game.

Which costs 60 USD upfront.

Is it bad enough for you?

RegorL396d ago

So why do you NEED Dart Vader right now. What if it had been the opposite. Everyone should be able to play as Dart Vader from the start, you just have to find the token - oops, that was the previous game...

Palitera396d ago

Seriously? It's a Star Wars game. There are iconic characters to the franchise, which were locked behind a 200+ USD tag price. How is this ok to you?

DialgaMarine396d ago

Honestly, the more expensive it is, the better, seeing as it’s going to deter most people from buying it, since it supposedly would take 40 hours tops to get him through just playing. I’d say good on EA if it’s that expensive because it’ll force people to actually put effort forth and play the game; anyone dumb enough to spend that amount? Well, more power to them I guess. Yeah

HyperMouse396d ago

They have done it to star wars, i only hope they dont do it to the next BF and Titanfall, though i think they will, i can handle weapon skins but not locked content, and extra grind with intent to sell MT's.