Revisiting Fable 2

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "Fable 2 was a defining sequel to the original game taking place five hundred years later and greatly expanding upon the original."

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zombiechimp397d ago

Fable 2 was definitely the best out of the three. I just wish the same progression in growth could be said for Fable 3, rather than the 'gold = lives' maths and the dumbed-down social interactions. Sigh, it could have been so good.

EatCrow397d ago

Actually still preferred Fable 1.
But I did quite enjoy those gargoyles.

This series really had something that was reminiscent of older games and their charm.

Xenophon_York397d ago

Seems like at around the same time XBOX started hammering nails into coffin of the RPG Fable series shat began hurling at the high-spinning fan(base).

What I wouldn't do for a proper Fable IV. (But without Molyneux it's rather risky.)

Fist4achin397d ago

Fable was overall an great series. 2 was the best IMO. I miss it.