Wii Version of Rock Band 2 May Not Have DLC, Online Multiplayer writes, "Remember when Harmonix assured Nintendo fans back in early August that the Wii version of Rock Band 2 wouldn't be gimped of major features like the first Rock Band game was?

I'm not about to speak for the company officially, but according to a USA Today multiplatform review of Rock Band 2 that went live about an hour ago, Harmonix may have been, well, fibbing.

"Unfortunately, as with the first 'Rock Band,' the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 2 versions of "Rock Band 2" do not offer any Internet connectivity for multiplayer gaming or downloadable music. For that you'll need the more powerful Microsoft Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3." -- USA Today

Keep in mind that as far as we know, Nintendo, EA, MTV Games and Harmonix have made no such comments regarding the inclusion of online multiplayer or downloadable content specifically, aside from the fairly vague statements back in August that Wii's Rock Band 2 is "certainly not going to be as disappointing, feature-wise, as the Wii version of the original." Maybe Harmonix doesn't see online gaming and DLC as integral features that need to be included on the Nintendo console edition of the game.

Either way, we'll pass the salt on to you; be sure to take the preceding information with a grain of it until we hear otherwise from the relevant parties."

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