Games You Have to Experience Before Playing Yooka-Laylee

Plug in your console to your tube TV, blow in the cartridge, and get ready — these are the top games you need to play before you start Yooka-Laylee.

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PhoenixUp171d ago

Rare Replay is a more worthy buy for me than Yookah-Laylee

PhoenixUp170d ago

Yet Rare Replay is cheaper and offers more quality platformers along with other games

FlyingFoxy170d ago

You've probably not even played it, just going by lame-ass critic reviews which some seem to follow like loyal sheep. What they say isn't the be-all end all to a game you know.. it's JUST their opinion.

PhoenixUp170d ago

I don't need to play Yookah-Laylee to know that Rare Replay offers a better value. In RR I could get 3 quality 3D platformers along with a bunch of other games as opposed to spending $40 for Y-L that pays homage to the titles offered in RR

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171d ago
Venox2008170d ago

Conker on n64/xbox (yes I love this one too) is still my best game ever..highly recommend