Best and Worst Reused Game Mechanics

It has now become common place if one game introduces some new kind of mechanic a rash of titles will follow suit and add the same feature to their upcoming titles. However some become so rehashed and tired that they quickly become old hat. Gaming Corner takes a look both at the best mechanics that have stood the test of time and truly innovated as well as the ones that have been overused and used far to much.

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hay3734d ago

QTE sucks? They mustn't be serious.
Oh yeah, you can't mash it through, that explains pretty much.

flameboyne3734d ago

I included it for all the times it is badly implemented so many games over use it now and it either doesn't fit or just plain doesn't work. Take the Bourne game for example, whilst yes they may look cool, the driving sections are somewhat hampered by a system that using QTE rather than allowing stunts etc to be pulled off as part of the driving engine.