Prince of Persia release date announced

TVGB: "Stop the theoretical presses, we've got news. Ubisoft has just sent over word that the new Prince of Persia will be released on Dec. 2. I don't care what else is coming out this holiday you have to pick up this game. No screenshot or video you have seen does it justice. Go preorder now and get the free limited edition while you're at it. The DS game will be out on the same day too."

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micro_invader3593d ago

Great news but I've hardly seen any coverage of this game.

UNCyrus3593d ago

Check out the info that was on Qore about this game. The graphics are great looking, and the gameplay looks amazing.

I completely agree though... I don't know how this game has flown under the radar for this long

micro_invader3593d ago

Sadly, I can't access Qore. I don't live in the US.

chaosatom3593d ago

Too many good games to buy.

Hope it can meet my expectations.

Daver3593d ago

i never been a fan of this series, but this one looks amazing! i agree tho too that we didnt see much about this game, anyway i already pre-ordered it

November 2nd is weird for a game release date.. its a sunday..

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Radiodread3593d ago

if you were smart you'd do the same.

Beast_Master3593d ago

Day 1 buy easy, any fan of the last series should be on board with this, hope it brings new fans so that we get a new game every two years, or Ubi-Montreal will just put out Ass. Creed sequals every two years.

No FanS Land3593d ago

Man, I like my city, actually I'm studying to work for ubi-montreal as game developper.

cemelc3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Is there a different plot this time???

Does it have anything to do with the sands of time?

No FanS Land3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Not at all. no time warping, no dagger of time but a true persian prince this time around.

EDIT: + insane cel-shaded graphics that remind me of Final fantasy tactics war of the lions videos.

No FanS Land3593d ago

But there's one little problem, from what I know the plot seems to fall into the cliché of a light and darkness world, let's hope it turns wicked and not JRPGesque.

beans3593d ago

I'm looking forward to this game but honestly believe that this is just to freaking much at one time.I know everybody wants to make money but wouldn't it be smarter to release games over the summer like the movie industry does movies?

okcomputer3593d ago

It was a gutsy (and correct) move for them to reinvent the franchise like they have. The trailers look amazing. I hope its a success and starts a trend where devs don't just rehash old franchises with a new coat of pain and put them out as "next gen". DMC4 would be a perfect example of what to avoid.

No FanS Land3593d ago

I couldn't agree more with you. My friend owns DMC4 and I just can't get through the game, i'm stuck on mission 8 since like 3months not because it's hard but because it's a total copy-paste of a much better game ironically... DMC3

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The story is too old to be commented.