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Tyria Then And Now: Shiverpeak Mountains

40d ago - Tyria Then and Now continues with a comparison of Shiverpeak Mountains in Guild Wars 1 and 2. | PC

10 Secret Game Over Screens That Were Absolute Genius

121d ago - WC For the most part, the losing conditions in games follow a pretty standard format. You lose... | Culture

Blu-ray And DVD Highlights for November 2015

Now - With the spooky month of October all but ritualistically murdered and buried in a haunted house sitting a top an ancient Indian burial ground under... | Promoted post

The Original Guild Wars Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

226d ago - The 10th anniversary of Guild Wars — the original — is upon us and to celebrate there will be wee... | PC

Guild Wars PvP Bonuses Available This Week

266d ago - Guild Wars is holding week long events in game. Most people who think of Tyria immediately think... | PC

What MMOs Learn From Non-MMOs Part 2: A Different Kind of Massive

273d ago - There are some nice progress in the MMO world these days, which is why a MMOGames' writer felt th... | PC

Guild Wars' Pink Day in LA 2014 Schedule Announced

418d ago - Pink Day in LA has been a popular event in the Guild Wars universe since 2007 when the first one... | PC

Top Five Most Influential MMOs

425d ago - There have been quite a number of mmorpg games that have come and gone over the years. Some of th... | PC

The 10 Most Hardcore MMORPGs of All Time

442d ago - A Listing of the best of the best in the MMO genre, but without Everquest?!?! What do you think? | PC

20 Most Successful PC Video Games Ever

581d ago - JunkExplorer: In PC games, the number of copies sold is so amazingly high for some games, and yet... | Culture

Guild Wars 9th Anniversary celebrations kick off 3 weeks early

588d ago - Developers behind popular MMORPG Guild Wars were planning on kicking off their ninth anniversary... | PC

Guild Wars 2 March Daily Gem Store Sales

638d ago - From the 1st of March, the land of Tyria will be subject to daily promotions in the gem store. | PC

Friday Top 10: Worst MMO Games

638d ago - Alex Cote from 3GEM writes: 'Some people didn’t understand why some games did not make the list.... | PC

Did The 2014 MMO Hall of Fame Just Vote On Its Own Game?

656d ago - Segmentnext picks up on some strange PC news. In the third annual MMO Hall of Fame induction cere... | PC

Guild Wars 2: Cutthroat Politics Content Update and 2 Campaing Videos

866d ago - As MMOCast reported earlier, Guild Wars 2 latest update, Cutthroat Politics will be released on J... | PC

ArenaNet: Guild Wars 1 "could last forever"

867d ago - EuroGamer: "There are still people playing famed eight-year-old MMO Guild Wars 1, and developer A... | PC

ArenaNet Cease Development On Guild Wars

923d ago - Despite its massive popularity over the games 8 year lifespan the developers, ArenaNet, have anno... | PC

Gamer Gossip: Call of Duty Ghosts, GTA V Controversy, and more!

939d ago - Ooo! Gossip is so juicy when it’s regarding a popular franchise! This week, The Koalition feature... | PC

Guild Wars Celebrates 8 Years

957d ago - Guild Wars is a fantasy MMORPG that pioneered the buy-to-play model that many MMOs have now adopt... | PC

The Subscription MMO Is Dead

1192d ago - Kotaku - The era of the subscription-based online game has well and truly ended in 2012. It ha... | PC

Guild Wars 2 Virtual Economy [Infographic]

1192d ago - Ever wanted to know what the wealth distribution of US citizens and Guild Wars 2 players are like... | PC

Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post

How to link your Guild Wars account to Guild Wars 2

1192d ago - With just hours to go until the Guild Wars 2 gates are opened, NCSoft has enabled account linking... | PC

Diehard GameFAN: Interview with R.A. Salvatore on Charon’s Claw, Gaming and Opportunites Missed

1209d ago - DHGF: You and I had talked last year about Kingdoms of Amalur, and I really enjoyed Reckoning, an... | PC

Why free to play is not a death knell for MMOs

1215d ago - Developers are turning to the free-to-play model in order to maintain player bases and gain reven... | PC

Guild Wars-games deliverd more than 130.000 years gameplay

1223d ago - Guild Wars 2 is coming and a big crowd can't wait to start playing, but how popular is Guild Wars... | PC

Jess Oliver-Proulx Talks MMOs, RPGs And Pulling The "Diablo 3" Card

1228d ago - Complex writes: Jess started gaming in 1989 at the ripe age of six years old. When she receiv... | PC
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