Could Resident Evil 7 Make A Bigger Impact Than Resident Evil 4 Did For The Series?

ThisGenGaming says "Could Resident Evil 7 make an impact like Resident Evil 4 did and change the series once again? We think it can."

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PhoenixUp462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

RE7 looks fine and everything, but I sure hope future Resident Evil titles will have first person perspectives. There is still Resident Evil 2 Remake to look forward to after all.

Gaming_Cousin462d ago

I honestly don't mind both as long as they can keep the horror and fun gameplay in the game

naruga462d ago (Edited 461d ago )

@pheonix up ....are u out of your mind ? i literally hope to fail this mess of a game, which wants to be called RE, because of this exact reason ->FPS tragedy ....RE must above all remain Third Person games ....this is one of the undeniable huge flaws (if not the biggest) of RE7 that must be corrected on RE8 if ever be released

Gaming_Cousin462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

FPS tragedy? So basically what you are saying is that if the game goes first person it is automatically a fail... Which makes no sense at all.

"RE must above all remain Third Person games "

You hear that Capcom?! naruga demands the game to be third person. Lets just ignore all the other people who like this new approach and cater to the few who are hurt over the changes.

DragonDDark461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

Lol RE was First person before. And not just once.
And RE was planned to be 1st Person from the start anyways.

-Foxtrot461d ago

Hopefully not...

We need third person perspective like the RE3.5 haunted house version

_-EDMIX-_461d ago


We need good games first and foremost the perspective for me is irrelevant

_-EDMIX-_461d ago

I don't think Resident Evil 2 is going to be in first person simply because it is a remake of that title.

I think it's going to be similar to the Resident Evil 2002 remake or even adding the functionality to switch from fix cameras all over their shoulder.

gantarat461d ago

that mean game is full 3d not pre-render background

FallenAngel1984462d ago

I doubt RE7 could have as big an impact on the series as RE4 did, whose mechanics were used in various later games in the series. In fact RE Revelations was one of the best latter entries to use it.

Plus RE4 not only had a big impact on the series, but the entire industry as a whole. From its foundations we received other seminal horror franchises such as Dead Space and The Evil Within.

NukaCola461d ago

RE4 shook up the series. RE5 was boring but pretty. RE6 looked worse than RE4 HD but I don't know why they went total action film there. RE7 looks to shake it up once again with a fresh take on it. I think RE8IDENT EVIII will go back to a smoother TPS feel but in a different tone. I would like each one to change a little bit. Being straight horror or even action isn't as bad as the gameplay and core elements of the games' sucking in RE5/6. RE4 was action packed but still a stress induced scary game in many parts. I like RE7 being more grounded though. That feels a lot scarier.

_-EDMIX-_461d ago

Well technically speaking the foundation of Resident Evil 4 was made by the same person that made The Evil Within.

It is Shinji mikami's concept.....

PhoenixUp461d ago

No kidding. The mechanics appeared in Shadows of the Damned as well.

But I think the point is that RE4 is such a well crafted game its mechanics can be used in a variety of other different games

_-EDMIX-_461d ago

@pho- that game is a Hidden Gem!!!

The way I look at it is Shinji mikami likely was struggling internally with Capcom in regards to Resident Evil 4 cuz it is very clear that Capcom wanted a more action-oriented series for sales because it looks like Evil Within is probably conceptually in terms of design and gameplay features was going to be with Resident Evil 4 probably should have been.

I still remember seeing the original trailer for Resident Evil 4 and was so surprised that it's final version was almost nothing like the original trailer.

Chexs1990461d ago

Dear God, I hope not!
RE7 looks awesome, but it's not really RE in my opinion. More like a really cool spin off.

460d ago
DragonDDark460d ago

How is this NOT Resident Evil? Difficulties descriptions:


-Game has frequent checkpoints

-You can save at Cassette Recorders any time you like

-Enemies do less damage with attacks

-Enemies move a lot slower (about half the speed they move at on Normal)

-High Regenerating Health (you recover health quickly, and get somewhere between a third and half of your half of your health back through regen)

-Enemy AI is set to easy mode, they have a lot harder time spotting you and are much easier to shake off from chasing you. Sometimes enemies will purposely even not attack you to give you a chance to get away.


-Game has checkpoints, less frequent than easy however.

-You can save at Cassette Recorders any time you like

-Enemies do the normal amount of damage with attacks (more than easy, less than madhouse)

-Enemies move at normal speed (about twice as fast as they move on Easy)

-Low Regenerating Health (you recover health at a much slower rate than Easy, and get somewhere between a fifth to a fourth of your health back in regen)

-Enemy AI is set to normal mode, they do more scouting and harder to lose than easy. Enemies will not spare you if near you like they do on easy.


-Game has no checkpoints at all.

-You can only save at Cassette Recorders, and only if you have a Cassette Tape. Cassette Tapes are a new item, they take up an inventory slot and there are finite of them. You need to locate and use them to save.

-Enemies do a higher amount of damage than normal, and are more resilient to damage

-Enemies move a bit faster than normal (I don't believe twice as much, but come after you faster)

-No/minimal regenerating health (needs a bit of clarification)

-Enemy AI is set to hard mode, they can spot you a lot easier and are far more aggressive.

-There's more antique coins in Madhouse Mode, and they're all in completely different locations to the other difficulties. The other difficulties have 18 antique coins, Madhouse Mode has 33 coins you can find, and all in trickier to find places.

-On-top of this, there are more bird cages in the game and new upgrades that aren't in the other difficulties. The bird cages also aren't all set in safe places, they are now spread apart around the levels. There are new 'special ability' coins you can purchase that give you big stat boosts, they take an inventory slot but give you a big boost in stats and are exclusive to this mode.

-Item locations are remixed to the other modes, where there's items in some modes there's no longer any, and trickier locations for items.

-There is remixes in enemy spawn points and numbers. There are certain encounters that are made to surprise you if you played the other difficulties.

Chexs1990458d ago

In my opinion, a proper RE will always be a 3rd person survival horror game. In the old RE games you had these really thrilling horror moments, even though you had the environmental overview.
In first person horror games it's a lot easier to induce cheap scares. That's also why the 1st person horror genre is oversaturated today. It doesn't require the same amount of ingenuity to create the same scares, because everything is up in your face anyways.
I'm probably gonna love the game, just saying that I don't think of this RE as more than a spin off. One of my favorite RE's is Dead Aim for the ps2 which is also a spin off where they tried an "fps aim" approach.

jznrpg461d ago

I didnt like 4 so I hope it changes some stuff back , which it looks like it does

AntiZeal0t461d ago

As much as I love 4 and am highly anticipating 7, 4 came at a time that enabled it to push the industry to evolve, whereas 7 is taking an existing formula and doing it's own thing with it. Without 4, we wouldn't have games like Gears of War or The Last of Us. Without Amnesia, Outlast and Alien: Isolation, we may not have RE7. It has come full circle.

_-EDMIX-_461d ago

Yeah I'm not too sure I would say all that.

I'm more than positive we would actually still have the games that you listed.

Gears of War was actually in development while Resident Evil 4 was in development and Cliff bleszinski basically changed the perspective of Gears of War from first person to third person based on playing Resident Evil 4

Which actually means Gears of War was still going to exist.....

PhoenixUp461d ago

@ Edmix

It would've been a completely different Gears of War game compared to what we known now, which is the point Ant was making

AntiZeal0t461d ago

Thanks @PhoenixUp, it's not that we wouldn't have those games at all, but definitely not as we know them.

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