Ubisoft recycles scene in Assassin's Creed games

"It seems not only Activision uses the same scene assets in Call of Duty series. Ubisoft does the same with Assassin's Creed..."

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moegooner88613d ago

Nice homage to Ezio. Loved it

Pooker100613d ago

We're talking about a company that recycles entire map layouts, no need to be surprised

deadfrag613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

Very true!People that think developers houses dont use old assets dont know shit about game development,even the great developers teams like DICE,Naughty Dog,Bungie...all use old assets. Approving this,now that should be news,crap news.

_-EDMIX-_613d ago

I don't disagree with you but considering the caliber of those developers doesn't that tell you how ridiculous it is to create specific new assets to convey the same things?

I don't agree with the whole map layout for the primal thing though.

AtariFanboy613d ago

C'mon you bring up a recycled animation from a game almost 5 years old. I know making Ubi look bad is fun and all but this is just unnecessary.

NukaCola613d ago

Liberation is a Vita game, so of course they would use assets to help prove the handheld's Finesse. Good game BTW

Lenns613d ago

Alright, I'll play the bad guy, most company's recycle animations whether you notice it or not. Especially for the AC series which came out annually. Even Bethesda used Skyrim animations for Fallout 4.

cyckiewicz613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

Yup, it's quite common but still it is amusing to find such thing :)

_-EDMIX-_613d ago

Agreed apparently people want to see new ways that people should be walking and falling.

In my personal opinion unless the original animations needed a lot of work , I actually don't care that much if they're reused. Most times it's something that's just so noticeable to me. I put about 200 hours in Skyrim and about a hundred and seventy hours and Fallout 4 and I actually never knew that the animations in Fallout 4 or even the same animations from Skyrim.

I'm just not sure how much I actually care lol unless they absolutely revolutionized some sort of Animation technique I don't really think I would even notice a difference unless it was absolutely significant.

BrandanT613d ago

I know when Nintendo makes a new Smash Bros., they port over character assets and adapt them to the new game.

SarcasticDuck613d ago

no big news here since we know they even recycle maps. Incredible is how this guy made a 2min video comparing a 20 sec. scene when there was no need for it

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The story is too old to be commented.