A Life Change Convinced Me To Play Dragon Age Differently

Returning to favorite franchises and games can be incredibly exciting. But it can also be incredibly intimidating. What does it mean to undo years of progress and start again?

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Errorist76565d ago

If only Inquisition was anywhere close to being as good as the first two games.

threefootwang565d ago

The first one will always be on a different level but how can you possibly say Inquisition wasnt as good as the second? For real? The second was absolutely brutal. No where near the quality or quantity of Origins or Inquisition

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ThunderPulse565d ago

Inquisition was my favorite game of 2014, it was awesome.

Errorist76564d ago

Inquisition's story telling and characters were just a shadow of Dragon Age Origins..and no, Dragon Age 2, while still disappointing, was still better than the emptyness and huge but shallow world of DAI, especially after the great expansions. DAI felt like a dumbed down Single-Player MMO.

I am talking about the PC versions of said games of course.

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