Fable II Pub Games releases in broken state

Fable II Pub Games has been released with a game breaking exploit which allows gamers the option to cheat their way to huge amounts of gold, which can then be used in Fable 2 when it releases in October.

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Superfragilistic3692d ago

Looks like Lionhead will have to pull a Codemasters (GRID) and reset leaderboards and scores. Hopefully they can fix it soon!

navyguy213692d ago

WOW, im the guy who discovered this lol, i posted it on gametrailers and gamespot the day after it came out lol, nice to see its helping people lol. Things spread on the internet so fast!!!

dachiefsman3692d ago

I hope they don't fix it today. I need mo' money mo' money mo' money!

thenickel3692d ago

Well I'm kind of glad they caught it now and hopefully will go back and catch other things before the game releases.

Zerodin3692d ago

Fable II is off to a wonderful start!

enjoi1873692d ago

DOOOO DONT FIX ....unplugg your live connection.

El_Colombiano3692d ago

Umn, why? You'll just have to update when you reconnect...

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The story is too old to be commented.