IGN: NHL 09: MMO Mode Hands-On

Playing sports games online has always been the same deal: one-on-one, each player controls all of the players on their given team. EA Sports, specifically its Vancouver branch, is changing that classic paradigm by delivering what they're calling sports gaming's first Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) mode, branded as EA Sports Hockey League in NHL 09.

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FCOLitsjustagame3778d ago

This looks really cool. I may have to finally pick this up this year! Sept 9th and nothing else coming out that week.

SmokingMonkey3778d ago

MMO mode sounds interesting, may have to switch from 2k9? or i'll get both. 2k sells for less than $29.99 usually, idk about 2k9 so maybe both or rent.

Ovechkin > Crosby

mugoldeneagle033778d ago

I first played sports games on my Sega Genesis.
- Bulls Vs Lakers
- NBA Live 95
- Madden 95 and Up

I got addicted to sports games when I bought my PS2
- NCAA Football 2002 and Up
- Madden 2002 and Up

I was ranked in the top 200 in both Madden and NCAA, and as high as Number 2 on EA's leaderboards in NCAA 2006.

Since I bought my Playstation 3 I've moved on to bigger and better things. FPS, Puzzle, RPG, etc, and while I've progressed EA slipped. I went from a first day buyer of 10+ years to not even opening up my wallet the last few years.

Until I bought NHL 08, one of the best sports games I've ever played. EA has NHL down to a science. Character models, game modes, online support, physics, animations, everything...And NHL 09 will continue to impress me.

Note to everyone on the fence of purchasing the game, you'll love it. It's worth every penny.

The game is fun by yourself, online, or with friends. It won't matter.

September wont come soon enough!