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Xbox 360 Top 10 Games List

As Xbox 360's 4th reunion nears, I have decided to take a look back into this great franchises success. There have been many years of graphical improvement, multiplayer updates, and revised campaign techniques that we have all experienced together. Many companies have thrived because of the success of the Xbox 360 and many ground-breaking games have revolutionized the games industry. Below will be a Top Ten List of The Best Xbox 360 Games of all time, based upon single player and multiplayer. (Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Castle Crashers, Fable 2, Gears of War 2, Guitar Hero II, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Mass Effect, NHL 09 , Project Gotham Racing 4, Rock Band, Xbox 360)

Peter North  +   1958d ago
Put Halo flopDst in there, put it.
Etseix  +   1958d ago
lol i didnt even knew xflop had 10 games
Peter North  +   1958d ago
Gears of War 2 had a broken Multiplayer component, Halo:ODST has a broken everything-From the pricepoint to the graphics, it's a game no one will recommend.
KionicWarlord222  +   1958d ago
Wow...missed a lot of other titles .
Saaking  +   1958d ago
Six of those are mulitplats... that just proves PS3 Fan's opinion that PS3 has better exclusives.
KionicWarlord222  +   1958d ago
Yeah...thats why i said ".missed a lot of other titles "
Pandamobile  +   1958d ago
What a crap list. NHL 09? Really?
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XLiveGamer  +   1958d ago
@ Saaking
1.1 -
"Six of those are mulitplats... that just proves PS3 Fan's opinion that PS3 has better exclusives"

Wow they keep using the famous "PS3 exclusive's" comments on N4G.

I guess i have to like the games they like to be a gamer.
This is the thing i found stupid from PS Fanaticos and is that they believe that everybody must like all the PS3 exclusive games. Well the only exclusives i like on PS3 Brand are: Gran Turismo 5, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, ... and...
KionicWarlord222  +   1958d ago
I would add...

Forza 2,Crackdown 1,Lost odyssey,Dead or alive 4,Dish washer man,fable2 ,shadow complex,Mass effect .
kalebgray92  +   1958d ago
why was gears 2 on there... gears 1 was soooo much better.... revolutionized cover gameplay... stupid list... sad list.... wtf is halo wars doing up there... and really music games... too funny

edit: and why is pgr4 on there and not forza 2... stupid website .... i bet like a 14 year old wrote this
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Cenobia  +   1958d ago
I don't really intend to start a fight here, but how did gears "revolutionize cover gameplay?"

Kill.Switch used the same mechanic on the PS2. Credit where credit is due (although I honestly couldn't say if Kill.Switch used it first either).
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Saaking  +   1958d ago
LMOA 6 are multiplats... 360 not have good exclusives hahahahahahh!!
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   1958d ago
Looks like the 360 is at its last leg.With STD flopping,the xbots surely will surrender to the Sony soldiers this month.
Peter North  +   1958d ago
Rest In Peace Xbox 360, you had an entertaining run.
only on playstaychun  +   1958d ago
Are they serious when they say "Below will be a Top Ten List of The Best Xbox 360 Games of all time, based upon single player and multiplayer." Thats a poor list then...

ps: and I mean the list not the games itself!!
Peter North  +   1958d ago
Did I just say peace, I meant hell, rest in hell Flopbox.
Hudahudahuda  +   1958d ago
It's already hot as hell inside of it.
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   1958d ago

XsteveJ  +   1958d ago
Wow. Now that is a broken list...

No love for Fallout? No love for the Orange Box? Mass Effect is an honorable mention?

Halo Wars is the 3rd best game for the 360? Really?

Surely you're joking...
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   1958d ago
Rest in Piss Flopbox.Take your HD-DVD add-on with you.Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out
Shbzshar  +   1958d ago
man no crackdown, mass effect, gears 1, forza 2, dead rising ?

i heared even lost odessy is pretty good

but seriously ?
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DarkBlood  +   1958d ago
hey i dont have a 360 yet and i would like to get one cuz there are some exclusives id like to try espically since halo 3 odst caught my attention more then any other halo games and forza 3 since i like the first one since i love mass effect got it for pc but i hear its going more better so i dont know if my computer will be able to handle it so it be handle to have a 360 just in case cuz i really enjoyed it

but anyways point being anyone know if that halo odst bundle will hit america and canada and if so would they have a preorder for a retail release or something cuz id really like to get one wit ha 250 gb hardrive as i think i would benifit from it
Shbzshar  +   1958d ago
as of right now the odst bundle is only announced for pal regions... north america and canada dont have a release date yet...
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DarkBlood  +   1958d ago
thanks man for the info so far

have a great gaming life peace
RockmanII7  +   1958d ago
Walo Wars #3??
My list* would be...

10-The Dishwasher
7-Gears 2
5-The Orange Box
4-Burnout Paradise
1-Halo 3

* = I have yet to have the pleasure to play games like Oblivion, Fallout 3, Batman AA, Mass Effect, L4D, ect.
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chidori666  +   1958d ago
only flops of rrod
Bobby Kotex  +   1958d ago
This is a great way to make people not want a 360. Badda bing!
Myst  +   1958d ago
No Lost Odyssey nor Mass Effect on the top list (not honorable mention)? To a degree I can respect everyone's opinion on a matter especially one such as this, but to be truthfully honest at least in my viewpoint at least five of these I would not count as the best. Then again that's based on my own opinion in which I would put Lost Odyssey in any top ten or top five 360 list seeing as it was pretty much the first game I bought. Mass Effect followed, and then so on began my sea of trying to find good games.

The fact that the writer would leave out Lost Odyssey does make me wonder though. Then again Xbox 360 pretty much dominates in that of First person shooters. So I could see how Halo 3 and even Call of Duty would earn their respective spots.
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bozebo  +   1958d ago
ive no idea why halo wars is in there that game was dire ^_^
hassi94  +   1958d ago
The worst list I have ever seen, ever!
Are you forgetting Braid, Shadow Complex, GTA IV, Mass Effect, Forza 2, Fallout 3, ESIV: Oblivion, Batman: AA, The Orange Box and loads of other titles I haven't played but are miles beyond Halo Wars???

This must have been written by someone who doesn't actually own an Xbox 360, just sees adverts on TV and in game shops.
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Ghostsmoker  +   1958d ago
I'm missing ...
1. Gears of War (there is no better game out there)
3. Mass Effect
DuneBuggy  +   1958d ago
I know everyone has their own opinions,but that was a horrible list to me.I only own one of those, and I wouldnt have included it in my personal 10 best.
bozebo  +   1958d ago
fail list...
not really putting much thought into it but these are my favourite 10 (in no particular order, also im not caring bout multiplatness)
gh3,halo 3,lost odyssey,batman arkham asylum,cod 4,gta 4... actually i can only think of 6 :/ might trade my 360 in lol. yes there are other very good games but they all have some kind of serious flaw that means i can't list them, like mass effect being just rubbish in many ways but ultimate in a few. interestingly gh3,batman,cod4 and gta4 are better on other platforms :/
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kewlkat007  +   1958d ago
Lost Odyssey should be on there.....
So underrated..
bozebo  +   1958d ago
very true, was editing my comment while u posted that heh
caffman  +   1958d ago
oh my God
everyone on this thread so far, apart from me is a bloody droid!
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Relientk77  +   1958d ago
wow fail list

Fable 2
Mass Effect
Gears of War 1
Lost Odyssey

and wtf Halo Wars at the #3 spot.. why
Zhit  +   1958d ago
Best of All Time?! Really?!
Have to agree with everyone else--what a waste of time to read that article. Heck waste of time to wait for the page to load...

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