Lionhead Isn't Charging For Fable Legends Because It's An Experiment


"Today at a Microsoft press event in Germany, we chatted with Fable Legends game director David Eckelberry about taking the franchise in a new direction."

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BlackPanther931d ago

I'm looking forward to what the other studio at Lionhead is doing. Probably launching a game in 2017 but I can't wait.

dkp23930d ago

i've been in the beta for a couple months and played a handful of games, the matchmaking is horrid. Either it is horrid or there is not enough people because it goes 10 minutes queuing up for a game, i just end up quitting and playing a different game. Not a very good experience

StrayaKNT930d ago

The game isn't even out. I wouldn't expect swarms of people trying to play it right now.

SuperStatePro930d ago

That's why it's a beta, genius

dkp23930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

Herp derp, lets put out a beta where you cannot play a game at all...that makes a whole lot of sense beta or not.

I was in the closed smite beta, i can get into those games in a minute...

Reminder, the beta has been up since october 2014 yet people still can't get into the game for 10+ minutes?

twiztid930d ago

I've been in the beta for awhile now and I must say this game is Horrible yes its a beta but I'd rather have a true Fable game then this Garbage

StrayaKNT930d ago

I have a feeling this whole game was designed so that they can make those characters and gameplay mechanics for Fable 4, but perfect them through Fable legends.

If my theory is true and they are working on Fable 4, that would be amazing.