Final Fantasy VII Remake facing drastic changes. Is Square-Enix playing with fire?

Dealspwn: Hands up. Who'd given up on ever seeing a Final Fantasy VII remake? I certainly had, especially after reading one interview with Square-Enix a while back where they said they wouldn't even consider it until they'd made a game as good as FFVII. Considering the XIII trilogy (they made three!) exists, it didn't look good.

But as we saw during Sony's presser, it is happening and will be coming to PS4 first and presumably other formats afterwards. We're getting what we want. But are we?

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Blues Cowboy1277d ago

It's gonna be interesting to see how they tinker with it. Updating art style is a good idea seeing as they have to visually rebuild it anyway, but I wonder if Square will have the discipline to know when to stop.

Either way, I can't wait, though reckon we might be waiting until 2017. 20th anniversary and all that.

GameSpawn1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

My wife (and I) only cares that they bring in on-map enemies (ala the newer Final Fantasy games) that allow you to circumvent battles when you can. There is no reason for them not to have this as it has already been implemented since Final Fantasy XII (technically XI).

The real question is whether the game will retain the same turn-based combat that the original had or if they will use one of the newer "active" ones that have overlapped turns (think FFX) based on agility stats to recharge the action bar. The materia system will definitely be retained as it is a core part of the story.

Mikeyy1277d ago

Eww, why would you want that? Then you have to leave the area and come back to grind. Just sounds awful. Random encounters are the staple if old school RPGs. And FF7 is just that.

Go play 15 that has everything you want. Don't ruin 7.

Kurisu1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

FFVII had some odd enemies (Houses in Midgar, Motorbikes on the outskirts). I can't wait to see if they bring them over to the remake :D

thekhurg1277d ago

If they remove turn based combat they lose a sale from me. Not interested in real time stuff for this remake.

Shadow Flare1277d ago

I'm not worried.

They've had almost 20 years to think about what they'd like to change and improve about this game. I think they know exactly what they feel is the best road to take. They have the Kitase and Nomura at the helm, who worked heavily on the original. If they made the original game what it was, I trust they will treat this remake with the love and respect it deserves. And I wouldn't trust anyone else to do the job.

As for turn based combat, I like it, but its been done with the original. If you want turn based combat, play the original. This is next gen and again I trust whatever they choose to do in this game will be for the best. Try to be open minded. It can't be exactly like the original otherwise you might as well just play the original.

This game should be what the original game was but without the hardware restrictions it had at the time. And I trust them.

And as a side note, the trailer was perfection. It was the perfect trailer to announce the game, with the perfect voice narrative.

Be thankful it's coming

Davi1231277d ago

I just really hope SE do the call of summons equal to the movie FFVII: advent Children. And i hope too we can control them like in FFX!

Adrian_v011277d ago

I think a lot will change. From what I understood from the interviews, they're not really considering what fans want (which would be dumb anyways as the fanbase is divided into 100s of groups), but they are doing the FF 7 they wanted to do back then, but couldn't because of weak hardware.

And I support that idea, whatever change happens, I'll give it a try. This is a re-envision of the game. Who wants the old stuff can play the old stuff.

kyzer19781277d ago

I'm not sure how that would work with this game but either way I wouldn't mind. The heart of the game is the story and especially the humor. As long as that stays in tact I welcome any changes they might bring to the battle system. The Materia system does have to stay of course. I can't wait to go after Sephiroth and the Weapons with Knights of the Round and Bahamut Zero!

Lightning Mr Bubbles1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I always point to Tom Savini's remake of George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. He didn't just remake it, he modernized it for a new generation and he didn't follow the events word for word, he shook things up a bit.

I think that's the way to go, that's what a true remake should be, it should feel fresh and add some innovation of it's own not just follow the blueprint word per word.

Even people who already beat the game should get plenty of surprises.

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Timesplitter141277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

honestly I just want to hear the remastered OST and see the environments/characters again. Aside from that I'll play whatever they give me

joab7771277d ago

I do NOT envy these guys. It's a no win situation. The pressure of remaking one of the most beloved games of all time and having to remake a game that didn't age well. Damn!

Christopher1277d ago

Drastic changes? When did "some changes" equate to "drastic changes"?

I think the media is running with this just for hits and it's not helping anyone at all.

blackblades1277d ago

Recreating/remodeling the world with updated graphics. The problem lies with do you change the gameplay with the make or keep everything exactly the same but with updated graphics. I wish other really old games get a remake.

Unarmed_Civilian1277d ago

IGN - Rewind theater

They speculate about a possible prologue added to FF7

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Eonjay1277d ago

"We're getting what we want. But are we? "

Yes. it really isn't that deep. Its a remake that people have wanted for a very long time.

Of course there will be changes but thats the point. We are expecting improved visuals, better translation and refined mechanics.
And, like with Final Fantasy 15, you can bet that Square will be reaching out to the fans to ask what changes they would like to see.

bggriffiths1277d ago

What if they ditch turn-based combat though? Sounds like more than a refinement to me. I'm caught in two minds as to if it'd be a bad thing or not.

I do like how they're approaching XV with fan-feedback. Essentially Episode Duscae has turned into a beta. I need to try the latest build of that actually.

Eonjay1277d ago

If I remember correctly, they had two separate demos for Final Fantasy 7 before it launched. So that is what my money is on for this title. Plus this is a big deal for them so yeah.

bggriffiths1277d ago

But what Final Fantasy game we don't actually want are going to have to buy the demo next time :p

RustCohle1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

That would be a huge undertaking, remember how they've tried with XV with controllable party members, but it ended up being a Noctis centric game.

Now imagine that with FF7, no chance.
We're probably gonna get an ATB with upgraded mechanics, something more visually pleasing than the square dancing nature of the original.

starchild1277d ago

It's not that simple it seems. Just look at all the different opinions in this very comment section.

Eonjay1277d ago

The thing is, you can NEVER make everyone happy. It just isn't possible. Therefore, a demo would allow the communities more consistent concerns to rise to the top. Thats the best anyone can hope for.

Tempest3171277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Honestly, i dont know a single person that requested a "remake"...we all wanted a remaster...update the visuals, maybe fix some bugs but dont dick with the core game. As soon as i found it was gonna be a remake and they were going to change things i lost interest. And before anyone says its all nostalgia and the game hasnt held up (ive seen lots of folks saying this) ive just recently played 7 and 8, and typically play one of those every couple years. Theyre still spectacular games, no nostalgia needed.

Eonjay1277d ago

The general consensus is that the visual fidelity of FF7 does not hold up today.

A remake doesn't imply them changing anything. It implys that the assets can't be redeemed and therefore they have to literally remake everything to get the visuals up to today's standards. For example, they have to make new character models, new textures, new set pieces, new everything. Every single asset in this games has to be remade. The only thing that can be remastered is the music.

1277d ago
Tempest3171277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

@Eonjay @kalkano
Just pointing out, a remake does imply changes. And just on the off chance that im wrong about the general definition, in this particular case it DEFINITELY implies changes as SE has stated its gonna change, do a google search...i dont disagree the visuals are bad, but the gameplay itself needs no adjustment imo, as i stated before. remake-we-dont-need-two-of-the - same-thing-says-nomura/ 2015/06/18/things-will-change- f inal-fantasy-vii-remake-battle - system-changes-likely/

These are just 2 of lots

PaleMoonDeath1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

What did they expect? there is no way it'll be turn based, especially after the refreshing take FF15 has given us, hell even Crisis Core stood away from turn based and no one complained, those that do complain are just jumping on the "Played FF7 once as a kid, OMFG my childhood" train.

Take FF15's world exploration and gameplay, tweak it to FF7's needs, and LET us play as all party members and boom, there's the modern FF7 those who kept playing FF games after 7 expect and want.

GameSpawn1277d ago

15 is more action oriented because it is coming from some of the same team that created Kingdom Hearts. Like I said above they may use one of the more active turn based systems that the newer games have had. I'd hate to see FFVII turn into an Action RPG. I'd still play it if that was the case, but something would just seem incredibly wrong the entire time.

HiddenMission1277d ago

You do know that most of the team that worked on Kingdom Hearts and FFXV worked on FFVII righ? Only a few big players either left the company or went to other SE teams. All they really are doing is bring the core team back but the director of all the games listed above is the same Nomura so it's very likely that the game will not be turn based but either action RPG like FFXV or ATB like other bet is SE will want to use the action RPG system buy with more money spent on letting you use the other characters.

Keep in mind a huge amount of money and time was spent on the systems that make FFXV work the way it does and I don't see SE spending all that money for one title...they'll want to advance the system and mechanics to feel like an SE version of what Dragon Age Inqustion offers where you have action control or a more tactical system...that's what I think their end goal is and FFXV is the initial build for this new system.

SeanScythe1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Yes to this idea! Having your charactter just standing there while fighting is boring and was fine with 2d style games but I want full control of my characters. I want to feel like I'm playing the advent children movie.

Mikeyy1277d ago

Then 15 is for you. 7 needs to be and stay for the fans who acually played it growing up. We love turn based.

SeanScythe1277d ago

I did grow up playing it. It's the only reason I bought a PS1, I had nothing but nintendo until FF7 came out. I hated the turn based game style but I loved the characters and story. Guess what the old 2d style is still in the old game go play that. I rather have my characters be able to run around and fight, not stand there like idiots getting hit. I'm guessing you want the airship to be 50% the size of a mountain to in order to keep it the same?

-Foxtrot1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Refreshing take?

Do you really just want to play as Cloud in this game. As you can only control Noctis in FF15

It's not an action RPG, it's an RPG.

Turn Based can still be done today and hopefully will get more people into it again.

If people want FF15s combat system then they will buy FF15

PaleMoonDeath1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Pretty sure I had said "Let us play as all party members" dude, and I'd hate to go back to turn based gameplay, ever since I played Crisis Core funnily enough, and Episode Duscae just blew me away with what could happen if they did make FF7.

This isn't the 90's, we're on powerful tech now, and I want FF7 to play like a modern Final Fantasy, want turn based? play the old FF7, know what I mean? (Won't be able to reply after this, bubbles are up and gone dude).

Edit: Episode Duscae, I've spent just under 30 hours on that demo and finished all the new quests the update had to offer, could you really say no to Final Fantasy 7 being remade in this way?

C'mon now, I bet there would be more angry folk complaining about the turn based gameplay than the new gameplay, remake means remake, I don't want a complete facelift aside from the gameplay.

NoctisPendragon1277d ago

FF XV has AXB system ( you can do a lot of co-op attacks and stuff like that) , FF VII won't so you will surly be able to control everyone .

kingdip901277d ago

I can't see the material system working without ATB. if they ditch it, it could strip away what is arguably one of the most fun systems in game.

spartanlemur1277d ago

Turn based is OK so long as they make it challenging and fun (and avoid adding an auto-battle button).

However they should definitely add something to allow us to avoid turn-based battles for the easier/common enemies if we want (a simulated battle or something which limits experience gained (no loot also) so it doesn't become almost a cheat).

XCOM has proven that turn-based gameplay can be fun if effort is made to make it so.

Number-Nine1277d ago

Crisis Core was a one man show and a spin off of the series. It didn't need to follow the same formula.

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PeteyMcPickle1277d ago

If they even touch the turn based combat and materia system I'll lose my shit.

chrisx1277d ago

let them do what they have to

Lionsguard1277d ago

Agreed. It's going to be completely impossible to satisfy everyone so they should just do what they have to do and we should be thankful that they're even considering doing this in the first place. They could have easily just released the PS4 PC port and gone on their merry way. Like the trailer said to us "Let us embrace whatever it brings".

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