Microsoft Announces VR Parnership With Oculus Rift

MP1st - During the pre-e3 showing of Oculus Rift, head of Microsoft's Xbox division and Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer, took the stage to announce it's partnership with Oculus Rift.


As a side note, Microsoft confirmed that this was only streaming titles to the rift and not actually using the hardware to make VR titles. Whether that'll change in the future is up in the air.

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psychosmurf1011046d ago

WWWHHHAAATTTT????? How is this getting overlooked. Wouldnt be surprised if it's bs.

blackout1046d ago

Check Phills twitter. This is Crazy.

Genuine-User1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

It's not BS. And it is not what most people think it is.

Oculus Rift will have the ability to "stream Xbox One games" in "virtual cinema".

Kind of pointless if you ask me.

breakpad1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

meh ...more than expected ..i ve said it a lot of times even before Occulus announce they will support Windows only OS...have a good time Xone users with Occulus Facebook machine spying your lives...they succeed what they wanted one way (Kinect) or another (Occulus VR)

darthv721046d ago

Call it partnership by proxy. And I don't think this will hinder MS's AR project but just be an option for PC users.

zeee1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

It's not as huge as some are trying to make of it. In fact, it is not huge at all!

Rift will be able to stream games in a virtual cinema and Rift will come with Xbox One controller. Now, please, someone tell me. How is this "huge" or am I missing something here?

darthv721046d ago

This makes the OR just another display option. instead of stream playing games on a TV or PC monitor in another room... a person can kick back on the sofa (or toilet) and play xb1 games.

that is how this will be used for now. If OR were to make a unit specifically for the XB1 then we will see VR games made for that one. but this way its like strapping the wiiu gamepad to your face and playing with the controller for off tv play.

christocolus1046d ago

If Windows 10 PC's can stream games directly to Oculus Rift. Then the Xbox One should be able to do same once updated to windows 10 also it means VR games developed for Xbox One would be streamed directly to Oculus as well or am i missing something here?.This announcement wasn't expected at all.There will surely be more info at the Xbox conference,cant wait.

Kayant1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )


"a person can kick back on the or toilet and play xb1 games." - Well they better have one long ass cable ;) as OR isn't wireless.


"also it means VR games developed for Xbox One"

"am i missing something here?" - You are. There isn't going to be VR developed XB1 games with this current setup.

darthv721046d ago

@kayant. you left the word "sofa" out of that quote. And who's to say there wont be a wireless version of this at some point?

I'm sure I can rig up some long cables if I need to go to the toilet. Creative minds find a way.

christocolus1046d ago


Your link says nothing about bringing VR games to Xbox One and Technically an Xbox one running Win10 should be able to stream VR Game directly to Oculus just like a Win10 PC and maybe they just aren't ready to discuss that yet since this event is basically focused on PC.

Kayant1046d ago


"you left the word "sofa" out of that quote." - I know because sofa use case is possible if you have your PC close by or hooked into your TV then that works. Latency seems to be something that would not make that possible any time soon no?

"Your link says nothing about bringing VR games to Xbox One" - Well that's kinda of the point you 're the one that said VR developed games am showing you VR games are not going to be developed for XB1 because OR is not an input device for it.

"Technically an Xbox one running Win10 should be able to stream VR Game directly to Oculus just like a Win10 PC" - Again there won't be VR games on XB1 you're streaming traditional games and playing then in a virtual living room on OR.

"maybe they just aren't ready to discuss that yet since this event is basically focused on PC." - Maybe but given a big deal of this partnership is the streaming feature from XB1 to OR I don't see why they would take the opportunity to announce support for OR as an input device on XB1.

rainslacker1046d ago

If I'm understanding it right, does that just mean that OR is just acting as a HMD but doesn't offer the immersion that comes from VR?

ChrisW1046d ago


Virtual cinemas are currently the most popular apps for VR. Whether it be for 2D movies or 3D movies, it has been said to be an incredibly immersive and enjoyable way to enjoy movies privately. With that said, playing video games in a virtual cinema sounds pretty cool!

Mr Pumblechook1046d ago

Maybe this partnership is the reason Mac support was dropped?

I believe the Steam HTC VR will be PC, Mac and Linux compatible.

miyamoto1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

M$ is BEHIND FACEBOOK's acquisition of Oculus Rift right from the beginning because they a major stake holder.

See I was right all this time.
MS is so predictable and I will always smell what they are up to.
They wont escape me.

You guys think they are just gonna let PlayStation get away with Project Morpheus.
MS MS MS you momey monster.

donthate1046d ago

The party up feature of Netflix was super popular on the Xbox 360 before it was yanked and never to return, so I think this should be popular too.

Except the need to buy a VR device.

Either way, this is a positive step for both MS and Oculus Rift. Good relations spawns partnerships!

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1045d ago

@rainslacker, I really haven't read much about it yet, though the use of the term "streaming" seems to me that they'd be streaming to Windows 10 with an Oculus, and in that case, I would guess that tracking ("full VR") through Windows 10's Oculus interface is possible, rather than only HMD.

I don't get the implication that this doesn't allow for "full VR"... I'd guess every control option available to a PC with Oculus could work with the Xbox One stream.

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SpaceRanger1046d ago

Sounds like it's true from the sources and twitter. Can't wait to see the spin on how VR is NOW the way of the future since it could potentially be on Xbox.

uptownsoul1046d ago

I don't think Xbox fanboys will say VR is the future. But they will have to stop claiming that putting something over your face looks stupid & is garbage.

Kribwalker1046d ago

I still think it looks stupid and personally won't buy it, but it does bridge the Xbox PC gamer gap a little more, PC apps work on Xbox, PC oculus rift works on Xbox, cross platform gaming, streaming Xbox games to PC, Microsoft is really starting to show their One platform plan

kneon1046d ago

Except that this still looks stupid. I can't believe they couldn't design something better looking than that.

The Morpheus has the clear lead as far as the outward design goes, assuming the final design doesn't stray far from what we've seen so far.

LexHazard791046d ago

You mean how people already think its the future because Sony has Morpheus. .it can go either way.

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nicksetzer11046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

Damn, MS isn't playing around, this is pretty big news.

I personally don't care much for VR, more interested in hololens, (if it turns out well) but Oculus already has a huge amount of marketing ans support behind it, so this is a big deal.

Jayszen1046d ago

You clearly do not understand that this is not the same as PS4 and Morpheus. All Xbone is doing is streaming the game to the Rift via a PC which is viewed in a virtual screen. Pretty pointless!

nicksetzer11046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

Where did I say this was like morpheus? Also, what difference does it make how the content is delivered to the headset? Not to mention it will be a PC and XB1 compatible device, maybe even windows phone. Morpheus is not, it is PS4 only.

So yea, I agree they are not the same. I don't think it's input method being streaming changes much at all, in fact it might even be preferred since it will be one less wire that is potentially required.

Not sure why you have decided to go on some rant about morpheus regardless.

Christopher1046d ago

Very very smart move by MS. Someone does all the hardware work, they just integrate it.

This is definitely a good competitor to Morpheus.

Kayant1046d ago

In what way???

Morpheus -

- VR games developed for headset

XB1 experience

- Play XB1 games within a virtual environment through the headset.

As in you're not getting a true VR gaming experience as you would will Morpheus, Rift or Vive

MasterCornholio1046d ago

I dont mean to be a prick but how does playing Xbox One games in a virtual theater compete with actual VR?

I mean I hope its a lot more than that.

Christopher1046d ago

Are you guys assuming that VR games can't be developed and streamed from the XBO to the headset? That only non-VR games can be streamed?

gangsta_red1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

"Are you guys assuming that VR games can't be developed and streamed from the XBO to the headset?"

Yea, this is what I'm not understanding. Why couldn't this very thing be done?

I asked that in another thread and I was told the Oculus is not an input device so developers can't develop VR games for the Xbox One.

I guess the Oculus no matter what must go through your PC to operate for now. So even if a game using VR was made for X1 you will still need to operate Oculus through the PC...hell I don't know.

Christopher1046d ago

If that's true, and sounds really weird if it is, then at the least:

A) Windows will be supported out of the box

B) Being able to stream non-VR games is better than having no option at all

But, I see no reason why they wouldn't be able to stream VR-based games from XBO to Oculus. It all has to go through the same program on your PC in the first place and if you can do an online VR game... what's different about doing VR via a stream?

Also, just read this:

If you can do a VR stream of an event, you can definitely do it with a game. I call shenanigans on that excuse, gangsta_red.

This is a good move by MS, IMHO.

Kayant1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

From mister Phil Spencer -

"Spencer told VRFocus that Microsoft was working ‘hand-in-hand’ with Oculus VR on this streaming service. The partnership is said to be relatively straight-forward, offering a 2D display of Xbox One videogames in a 3D environment, similar to what’s been seen with other virtual cinema solutions in the past. Furthermore, Spencer confirmed that players will not be able to use Kinect videogames with the service, and only those that utilised the Xbox One controller would work, meaning fans can still enjoy the likes of Halo and Sunset Overdrive in a VR environment if not in actual VR itself."

"B) Being able to stream non-VR games is better than having no option at all " - Is it really??? Just look at this -

Jayszen1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

There is NO integration - just streaming. This is a poor competitor to Morpheus and it comes off looking like a desperate move.

Christopher1046d ago

***Is it really??? Just look at this -

Having the option to do something versus not having any option. Yes, I consider that better than nothing.

JasonKCK1046d ago

Yeah good move but kinda saw this coming.

rainslacker1046d ago

I think they could be developed, but the news here isnt really saying this is how it will be used. At best, it's a start as of right now. Unless MS actually pushes VR, devs aren't likely to bother developing VR experiences on Xbox...particularly if a PC is required to run the Occulus. Just seems rather redundant.

DLConspiracy1046d ago


"This is a poor competitor to Morpheus and it comes off looking like a desperate move."

What? How is Oculus pulling any desperate move? They were in the lime light far before Morpheus was even annouced. If you are referring to the partnership and the mention of xbox one. It's because of the controller. Not because of console wars. MS was asked to use their controller and MS said ok. We can push xbox one and mostly Windows 10. That's it. This has nothing to do with morpheus or stupid console wars. It's business and cross promoting.

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Kayant1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

"How is this getting overlooked." Because it's stupid maybe?

What is the benefit to streaming XB1 games to a headset then playing said game from a virtual environment in the headset?

Controller is a big win for me though.

DLConspiracy1046d ago

How is the Controller a big win for you? Just curious. Are you a fan of the xbox controller?

Kayant1046d ago

Comment fail :(

I meant it was a big win for them in terms of the partnership.

mark134uk1046d ago

i said they would do this when sony announced theres but all the xbox fans said nope ms has there own they been working on it for years :/

Bennibop1046d ago

Microsoft must feel a bit threatened by Sonys morpheus but this is not the answer it's not even.true vr,

jannytime1046d ago Show
uth111046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

This is just Microsoft trying to pre-empt Morpheus's E3 thunder. This is not a VR solution for XB1, it's game streaming via the Oculus headset, which still needs a PC to power it.

Sheikh Yerbouti1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

So does streaming mean it doesn't detect direction and move the camera?! It is just a second screen? I can't see why they can't do it, tbh.

TheXgamerLive1046d ago

This is good news and its pretty big news, still it's nothing worth you Sony fans all posting negative comments again as usual.
Watch the live demo/presentation first.

Regardless, each platform will have a crazy good E3 even Nintendo is gonna knock one out I feel.

Or is it rub one out. Ahh whatever haha. Enjoy.

psychosmurf1011046d ago

Well it seems that all of this is true and that makes me one happy xbox one owner. Very excited for the future.

showtimefolks1046d ago

Read the article just don't comment based on the title of this article.

OR will have the ability to stream Xbox one games in virtual cinema

Read the article and font make a huge deal out of this, because this is nothing major

showtimefolks1046d ago

Lol that's what I am saying yoo chill out and don't make a huge fuss out of this. That's what my first comment was meant to be

GameForever1045d ago

It's only to stream Xbox One games in 2d without any VR effects, just using it as video screen. Not that exciting to me.

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Sonital1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

Hmmm, I guess this is a bigger platform play? Why develop your own when you can use someone else's device across your whole ecosystem (Win10).

I'll hope for the best but I'm still not sold!

darthv721046d ago

More like MS owns shares of FB who own OR so think of it as partnership by proxy.

and that is just for VR stuff. MS still has their own AR project that differs from VR.

Sonital1046d ago

Exactly. It's a pretty smart play that you don't own two products that do similar (but very different) things which could confuse Joe Public.

UltraNova1045d ago


I've been calling this since they day FB bought OR. MS onws 4% of FB shares which means they now own part of OR or at the very least have significant power over their direction.

That said, MS wouldn't risk announcing any peripherals for the foreseeable future, not after the kinect debacle, so they left Sony push console VR so they could analyse peoples reactions while they collaborated with their subsidiary by proxy to bring OR to xb1.

As for this streaming only 'deal' they have announced, its just a step towards MS's market analysis to see if VR will actually be a success and then announce full VR games for the XB1.

As for AR, I genuinely think MS will be pushing this to business and the industry in general first as the potential for adoption in those sector is far greater and more profitable than it could ever be in gaming.

MS's playing their cards pretty well here, I give them that.

One thing's for sure though with MS openly in the VR race, VR has just received a significant push towards mainstream adoption and I truly believe its here (when it arrives) to stay.

Now let hope Sony kills it with morpheus, jump starting VR once and for all.

WhyHate1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

Not sold???

I'm not going to say it's a done deal, but M$ and Oculus have just dealt a HUGH blow to all of the other P.C. and console *Sony* V.R. makers out there.... They have just combined their two markets and are able to get the best of both world with this partnership.... Awesome!

This is a partnership so clearly M$ doesn't want Oculus Rift to cannibalize Holo Lens sales being that they both will release around the same time. -Q1 thru Q4 of 2016- But this is clearly a deep partnership, Oculus Rift "will work natively with Windows 10 and will benefit from DirectX 12." And we know that XBOX ONE is being updated to the Windows 10 O.S. and DirectX 12 so come on think about it.

I know it's an educated guess, but it is a really strong educated guess IMO. It's going to be a crowed V.R. market in just two years time, and as a business decision it's a no brainer to fully support V.R. gaming thru Oculus Rift once the Holo Lens has had time to get a strong footing on XBOX ONE as a viable A.R. device.

Once that happens I can see the XBOX ONE game store / app store getting full V.R. games.

One last point Oculus Rift is shipping with an XBOX ONE controller as it's default controller, and not the Oculus Touch controller if that doesn't speak to a deep partnership I'm not sure what does...

We as XBOX players will be getting the best of both worlds. The best, or one of the best A.R. Headset, and the best, or one of the best V.R. headsets on the market in just two to three years time.

kraenk121045d ago

you are delusional if you think the HoloLens will release in 2016. This move was anticipated as MS was lacking in the VR department. I actually speculated this would happen a year ago already.

We all know the X1 is not capable of running VR games itself.

WhyHate1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )


Ok, shut this comment section down. We have confirmation from a V.R. / top tier X1 developer... /s


oSHINSAo1046d ago

Great Phill... why didn't you design the Xbox one... you are doing the best for Gamers