Spencer: Microsoft Working 'hand-in-hand' with Oculus, New Details on Streaming

VRFocus reports on Xbox Boss Phil Spencer talking about the Xbox Oculus partnership that was announced at the later's pre-E3 conference today.

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Godz Kastro1160d ago

Woooooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fireseed1160d ago

I bet we see a natural transition where the Oculus App for Windows 10 gets full functionality on the Xbox. I mean if Xbox is essentially a pre built Windows 10 machine, why wouldn't they?

Kayant1160d ago

"why wouldn't they?" - Because you wouldn't be able to play VR content maybe...

rainslacker1160d ago

Have you seen the system requirements for OR?

I could see limited functionality, but full VR on OR would require some doing.

dirkdady1159d ago

Good ol spencer blowing more smoke up our butts.

spicelicka1160d ago

This is great news but will we see VR games for xbox one ever?

Kayant1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Sure when MS decides to release theirs or when this partnership extends to a special edition for XB1 so VR games can be developed for it.

deadpoolio3161160d ago

VR and AR are TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS...Hololens is NOTHING like Oculus..PS2, did AR, PS3 did AR, 3DS does AR.....

Kayant1160d ago

I don't see AR or hololens mentioned in my comment. I was talking about their own VR headset.

lemoncake1160d ago

If VR does become popular then Microsoft has the perfect partnership now to make that happen, win win situation for microsoft with this deal.

GusBricker1160d ago


MS is basically putting their foot in the door, just in case.

Charybdis1160d ago

Hoping that microsoft will open up their platform to all vr devices in the future and not only oculus, still early days, this certainly is a good first step

donthate1160d ago

So there is more:

major nelson: Next week is E3, which is one of the largest event in the industry. Can we expect to hear more from Oculus and HoloLens next week.

kudo tsunada: Certainly I think we'il be making a lot of announcement about everything going on at Microsoft Studios, but people should tune into the keynote. You are going to see some big news coming out in all areas.

TripC501160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Alright people there it is. Microsoft's partnership with Oculus officially makes the fanboy battle Xbox One with Oculus vs. PS4 with Morpheus.

Popcorn at the ready!

TripC501160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

I'm pretty sure that's exactly what it is...Explain why not please, thanks.

claudionmc1159d ago


Streaming games to the headset vs a complete VR experience... There you have

gangsta_red1160d ago

From what I am seeing the Xbox One using Oculus won't actually have anything to do with VR at this moment. All it's doing is streaming games to the headset.

So there really isn't any real battle of the VR.

TripC501160d ago

Surely it'll get optimized and truly have a VR experience. More than just that virtual room crap they've shown so far. What I'm sayin is, Think down the road man. This partnership is The beginning of the VR wars between Microsoft/oculus vs.morpheus/PS4!

Come on man this is exciting stuff!!! A new dawn is here. Get pumped man!

Have some popcorn.

christocolus1160d ago

About that..i think Phil will talk more about this at E3. If Xbox One is updated to run Windows 10, wouldn't that give the console the ability to stream VR games directly to Oculus? It certainly sounds like that could happen.

gangsta_red1160d ago

"Come on man this is exciting stuff!!! A new dawn is here. Get pumped man!"

Lol, okay man, just for you I'll get excited!

Yea I'm thinking something will happen down the line if VR takes off then MS might make the OR a dedicated VR device for the X1.

But in all seriousness I think this move is a "just in case" type of thing. And MS's main focus will truly be the Hololens.

mcstorm1160d ago

I think your right in a way. For me VR dose not excite me as I just don't want to game with a head set on give me my 50" TV and surround sound any day. But that's not to say other people don't. This partnership will mean that Microsoft can add this to the Xbox one and pc and look at developing holo for business as this is where the big market will be.

It also a plus side for VR as it means that both Sony and Microsoft look like they could push the technology.

TripC501160d ago

Bring on the disagrees people. Deep down you know you love it. The VR tech competition between the big companies Is growing strong as we speak

Google just jumped in

This is great! Now time to sit and watch the fanboys squirm for who's tech is best!
More salt from both sides for my popcorn.

1160d ago
rainslacker1160d ago

Seems you're more excited for the inevitable fan boy bickering than the actual possibilities the tech will bring.

I find that to be a bit of a backwards view to take.

UnHoly_One1159d ago

My money is on both of them losing.

Morpheus and Oculus will both be dead and gone within the next 3-4 years.

At least in terms of gaming. Oculus might stick around with other applications on PC.

Just my predictions. I'm firmly in the camp that VR is a fad just like 3D and motion controls.

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hello121160d ago

It has potential, made lot of sense for Microsoft to go with Oculus when they're involved with the PC market. VR gaming been mainstream anytime soon is a bit off yet though.

GrimmQuiorra1160d ago

The fact that you basically require a 800-$1000 PC to run The Oculus is kinda disheartening.

Hopefully not all VR platforms will be that demanding. They can't be, If they really want VR to take off.

ZeroX98761160d ago

Recommended specs for rift is quite high (970gt). Im hoping for lower required specs to stream X1 since its a 2d image in a virtual cinema. Shouln't be too much hardware hungry.

Debaitable1160d ago

Please be reminded that is the price of current tech with their product not even out yet. By the time it releases the price to run the hardware efficiently will go down.

jon3sy91160d ago

No PC Needed so get your facts right before spreading bs

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