Witcher 3 May Be The Best RPG In Existence Right Now

Ian Cooper finds himself blown away by CD Projekt RED’s rich, captivating open world adventure.

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Genuine-User1157d ago

Care to name another as majestic, open-world, grandeur and fantastical?


"It's huge yet crafted; its systems are purposeful and it doesn't have a whiff of design by committee. It will last you months, yet not waste your time. Above all, it has a vivid, enduring personality, something that is exceedingly rare among its breed of mega-budget open-world epics"

Sethry1011157d ago

Open world RPG's are my favorite genre. and I can hands down honestly say The Witcher 3 is the best one I have played.

Lev19031157d ago

I still have to make that statement. I played couple of hours and have enjoyed myself tremendously. But my top 5 openworld games that the witcher needs to beat are.

3)Dragon-Age Origin
4)Fallout 3

And the witcher 3 passed at least dragon age IMO. What a great game it is.

harbie1157d ago

Its not even 100% open world... Dude you getting a % or something to spread lies?

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Neixus1157d ago

I LOVE the witcher 3, but guys, Fallout 3, Dark Souls and Bloodborne also exists.

Genuine-User1157d ago

Although Bloodborne and The Witcher belong in the same genre, they're actually quite different in their design and execution.
I would find it extremely hard to pick a favourite.

Magicite1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

Probably best WRPG...but best RPG? Not even close.

I would put Final Fantasy IX&X/Chrono Cross&Trigger and Persona series at the top.

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Snookies121158d ago

It is definitely a rich and wonderful world they've created. Side quests feel like they have meaning in this game, and there's just so much to see and do...

Erik73571158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Yea a lot times quest in RPG suck and generic... Almost every quest in this game had a twist too it was really fun. Each one was interesting too. I cared about the characters and stories involved with them.

Perjoss1157d ago

Side quests in Witcher 3.

better than most main quests in other games.

Haki11121157d ago

Side quest can also fuck you over in the long run or work to your advantage say you kill some nilfguardians during a side quest and you have the choice to let one live or to kill him either choice you choose can effect how they treat you while working for them later on

axerated1157d ago

Quick question guys, where do I find my in game stats like total playtime etc? Everyone seems to know how long they've been playing for yet I don't have a clue! Cheers

LightofDarkness1157d ago

On PC you can see it on the game info page on steam or GOG Galaxy. It's probably noted on your save file on PS4 or XBO.

axerated1157d ago

Hmm, I'm playing on ps4 but it doesn't appear to be on my save file weirdly, maybe it just isn't on the console ones

tsivik1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

Go to your inventory or character screen and press R2 or RT.

Snookies121157d ago

As tsivik said, it's in your character section of your inventory. Bottom left of the screen after pressing R2 or RT for more detailed information.

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-Foxtrot1158d ago

Until Fallout 4 is revealed

Witcher looks fantastic but I like an RPG where my character is a blank slate and I get to shape them anyway I want. With the Witcher it feels you are set to a "Warrior class" but with something like Elder Scrolls you come out of that cave/dungeon and you can be anything

shodan741158d ago

That's actually a very good point.

Geralt is a fantastic character and I love playing as him. But being able to create and shape your own unique protagonist is something I really enjoy about other RPGs. Hell, I even create my own back story for them sometimes, because I'm sad like that...

Still, Witcher 3 is an absolute monster. No pun intended.

-Foxtrot1158d ago

I feel that's the problem with story driven RPG games like the Witcher.

When you create your character who only speaks by using speech options (no voice actor) we select, it usually means there's no development on them because he, the character is supposed to be you. The person is a blank slate for you to create.

When you have a character which is already created like Geralt and the game story driven then you don't really get a say in the characters style. Geralt is a warrior, not a mage or a thief. You can use other options but it's not his main thing.

So is very possible for someone who loves RPGs like Elder Scrolls for example feeling restricted by something like the Witcher. Although that's NOT me trying to say the game is bad...just a simple observation

However sometimes you get games which can break this rule like Mass Effect for example. Shepard could be customized, you could select a backstory and what his fighting style was. The story then revolved around him and he had many interactions with characters using voice acting.

vikingland11157d ago

I see your point but the characters in oblivion,skyrim and fallout are all basically the same. I think the characters have no charisma and are boring. I'm not saying those games are bad I actually beat and enjoyed them alot. Geralt on the other hand is a very charismatic character.....I prefer The Witcher3. Gotta go play some more it's calling me back right now.

Bigpappy1157d ago

Agreed Fox. Not a negative against the Witcher, but I also prefer to develop a personality for my Character (Start with a blank slate). Bethesda has been really, really good at that. It adds that bit more immersion and deepness of playing the role for me. Some people look at RPG's as a long action game. I prefer a long journey where I feel like I am writing the script.

DonkeyDoner1157d ago

so fetch quest is the future of RPG??

DarkOcelet1157d ago

Play the game before saying that.

Its not a fetch quest.

DonkeyDoner1157d ago

woah people chill I mean no offense to this game..its an awesome game

yeah I play it they trying so hard to remove fetch quest but storyline still have a little in them

starchild1157d ago

This has the fewest simplistic fetch-type quests of any RPG I can remember. Seriously, the quality of quests in this game is pretty much unparalleled in the genre.

Ezz20131157d ago

Witcher 3 is a Fetch quest ?!

Why in god's name people comment on games they haven't played at all ?!

Lev19031157d ago

Because its cool to hate on something that is good. :D

And witcher 3 is one of the best rpg's out there.

Kingdomcome2471157d ago

The Witcher 3 is about as far from being riddled with mundane fetch quests as it gets.

TonyPT1157d ago

No exaggeration one bit with this article...

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