Yakuza Zero on PS4/PS3: A Truckload of New Screenshots Show How You Smash a Thug’s Face

Sega just released a large load of screenshots of Yakuza Zero, that will hit the Japanese shelves on March 13th.

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1450d ago
DoubleYourDose1450d ago

What is the deal with clicking on dualshockers link? I keep getting malware warnings.

Lou Ferrigno1450d ago

same here and others as well, it's not just dualshockers either, it's other sites too.. almost everything I click on there is a malware warning from google chrome.. don't know if it's with other browsers too, but yea very annoying.

Abriael1450d ago

It's all the sites, because it's actually N4G's clickout links. not dualshockers or anyone else.

Looks like N4G caught the wrath of google or something. If you visit the ites directly, you'll have no problems.