Human Element Trailer But Was All In-Game But Scripted, Will Have Aim Down Sights

Plus tons of other details revealed.

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Golden_Mud1440d ago

The game was fast actually , what will the game's frame-rate run at ?

telekineticmantis1440d ago

The game looks fun, looks like Rage but less futuristic, and without a story, but made into an MMO(did any of that make sense? I basically said it's like Rage but nothing like Rage, what the...? I just mean the distopian Mad Max type setting).

The_Noid1440d ago

In strong contention for "most ridiculously worded article headline ever."

Sketchy_Galore1440d ago

But for what reason but why do you say such a thing, will be a strange statement?

DigitalRaptor1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Looked in-game to me. Don't get the people at GAF that were calling it pre-rendered.

Still… this game is NOTHING like what Bowling originally described as a dark, gritty survival game. It looks like Borderlands mixed with RAGE mixed with Sunset Overdrive. Looks very fun, but I was expecting something more grounded. Not sure what to think.

Godmars2901440d ago

The guy being saved last minute. The zombie transformation followed by insta-death. The whole bike riding thing.

All of that might have used in-game assets, but the real point of making such claims is that the game will look like that when you play it.

Sketchy_Galore1440d ago

This trailer looked like the type of thing they show in a movie or TV show when a character has to be playing videogames but the director clearly hasn't even seen a videogame running since 1996.

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