Why Human Element Abandoned Narrative for Ultra-Violent Mulitplayer

IGN - Human Element began as something that was, in hindsight, too ambitious for a small independent developer like Robotoki -- and what it's become is something radically different, for better or worse.

Creative Director Robert Bowling revealed a new version of Human Element to the surprise of many fans. Some responded with excitement, some with disappointment. Others felt a sense of betrayal. The ultra-violent debut trailer retained next to nothing of Human Element's original vision as a narrative-heavy open world survival game about people. It was more in line with Call of Duty, the franchise Bowling worked on at Infinity Ward prior to going independent.

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spicelicka1263d ago

Depends on how robust the multiplayer is. Not worth $60 for a 5v5 multiplayer game. I still don't think Evolve is worth it either.

Palitera1263d ago

Yup. I'm glad to see this news at only 70º.
Screw this little game.