I'm Finally Fed up With GamerGate

Our writer at Trust in Play has decided to throw in his two cents on GamerGate after having avoided it for so long. (Not to be mistaken with the digital retailer GamersGate)

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Godmars2901394d ago

Another anti-GG article that's fed up with GG. Surprise.

Wonder if it could considered ironic that GG boils down to editorial integrity and this editorial piece is coming from a site which both does not have editorial section, and disavows this article as an editorial piece.

Snakester951394d ago

The website launched in June, we're still piecing it together and that's why we don't have an editorial section. However, it's being added tonight. Our focus since June has been on news with occasional reviews/previews.

The reason the article is an editorial is because it's an opinion. Any article that speaks in the first person is not a news or feature article. That's how journalism works.

Also, it's less against GG, it's more against the people supporting GG for reasons that aren't ethics.

Concertoine1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Then you'll admit the title "I'm Finally Fed Up with Gamergate" is misleading if you say it isn't about gamergate, but about a section of gamergate that you don't like.

CaptainObvious8781394d ago

Wow, you talk about GG members not supporting it for ethics?

How about you talk about all the SJWs that constantly derail the narrative and spread lies about the movement? How about you talk about the SJWs that will do anything, including the harassment other others, to steer to conversation away from ethics?

I have no respect for anything that supports harassment.

-Foxtrot1394d ago

Watch this get so much attention like other anti GG articles

Yet this one I submitted

Totally ignored

Now it's not because I submitted it and I want it to be a "hot topic". I just found it a fantastic read and Milo actually nails it, he has research, he's fair, has points to back it up. Surprising journalism about the video game industry from someone who doesn't dwell in games at all.

Snakester951394d ago

The article likely won't get as much attention as it's after the craze of all the petty articles on the situation alongside the gamer's are dead stuff.

Your article likely didn't get as much attention due to this as well. We're relaying information when GG isn't in the spotlight as much as it was.

Godmars2901394d ago

GG has never been in the spotligt, aside as for the whipping boy of anti-GG. Its been made impossible to have a public argument in regards to GG core issues w/o sexism and threats being brought up and taking over the conversation.

Still, that doesn't make conversation less important, just means that others are shouting it out.