XP Earned 16 | Is Share Play a Game Changer?

2ndFloorSemantics: Share Play is out and it actually works. We were as surprised as anyone. What does this mean for PS4 and gaming in general? We discuss it at length. Next up we go over the disappointing second episode of NBC's Constantine and how Gotham keeps not sucking.

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lifeisgamesok1471d ago

I wouldn't call it a game changer I believe you need a good internet connection faster than what most have

And some studios may not support it

shane_gc1471d ago

My connection is pretty standard from what I understand. 20 down and 5 up. Works flawlessly for me.

ashen1221471d ago

its awesome as long as devs allow it....F#$%IN activision...

fOrlOnhOpe571471d ago

Not really a game changer rather another unique feature that will hopefully grow with the console.

shane_gc1471d ago

Surprised that the ability to socialize, interact and play games with your friends that you don't own isn't a bigger deal to people. To me this opens things up tremendously.