Has EA blocked PS4 function in Madden 15?

Inquiries on the web have brought up the possibility that Share Play has been disabled for the PlayStation 4 version of Madden 15.

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yewles11231d ago

Typical greedy EA. I wonder if it also serves as retaliation for Sony's refusal of EA Access?...

TimNunes1231d ago

We'll have to wait and see on that one. Really, the only certainty there is with EA is that it will take a redundantly long time either way.

Ballsack1231d ago

Id guess more greed...this is EA we are talking about...

They give two f***s about the gamer in general...

Kiwi661231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

So you feel that playstation gamers should basically get free access to all EA games when those on xbox pay to use them via EA access when at the end of the day Sony were the one's who turned it down

SoapShoes1231d ago

Lol, the downplay. You really don't like Share Play do you?

Antifan1231d ago

He doesn't like it because Share Play is NOT on Xbone.
Let him pay for the few buggy titles he get from EA

MasterCornholio1231d ago

And you say all that because we chose a system with shareplay?

Man that's so salty.

Mehmeh1231d ago

Although SharePlay is an impressive and great feature, the point MrKrispy is making is somewhat valid. And then again SP is optional for the devs/pubs. So the ones coming off as salty in this one is you guys.

paul-p19881231d ago

Shareplay is effectively couch co-op, just using the internet. You wouldn't stop your friend playing Fifa/Madden/NHL etc at your house just because they haven't bought the game for their own system...

JMyers1231d ago

@MrKrispy... What? Your comment makes no sense. It's not free access to all EA games... its ALL GAMES. Shareplay does not provide the full gameplay experience, in terms of visuals and having to disconnect after every hour. Who gives up thier games for this length of time? It lets people try the game.

This is probably EA being EA.

MasterCornholio1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )


Not really. I still have shareplay on over 95% of games.

So I'm not really complaining about not having it in an EA sports game. What I'm criticizing is the mentality that since Xbox One owners are paying for EA access PlayStation owners dont have the right to shareplay those games.

Mrtemper1231d ago

Just to be clear, Family share plan was in the original xb1 strategy.......before steam and or PlayStation thought of the idea.

boing11231d ago

^^And...? Why they don't have it now? Besides, family share plan is/was something completely different.

Bigpappy1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Mrkrispy is spot on. Why would EA play along with Sony's efforts to gain influence while using their software, when they are trying to promote a service that Sony just rejected. Ea gains nothing from having madden use share play.

He did say anything against Share play. He made a valid point as to why EA might have not supported it.

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Sharky2311230d ago

To me share play lets companys demo their game without having to pay for a demo version. I'm pretty sure a demo cost a little not of money.

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GreetingsfromCanada1231d ago

2015 presents EA's big comeback as biggest shit head developer.

JackBNimble1231d ago

Well if it wasn't for UBI soft over shadowing EA in the shit head department over the past year , then I think EA would have retained that title.

1231d ago
roostermoans1231d ago

A dick move by EA? No way, I don't believe that for a second. #sarcasm

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