Young Destiny Player Gets A Harsh Lesson In Using PS4 Share Play

A young player by the name of “George” (we’re not sure if that’s his real name) handed the controller to someone via Share Play expecting that the other user “KirmitTHEfrog” would help him uncover a glitch to boost his character.

For some reason, “George” walks away from the television and, in a short amount of time, his malefactor deletes two of his characters and wipes the last exotic weapon from the third. “George” was streaming on Twitch at the time (using a capture device, as you can’t both Share Play and stream).


[Update] Young Destiny Player Whose Data Was Deleted Shares Mature Response To The Situation.

Update: The young gamer pictured in the heartbreaking video below is named Henry, a fifth-grade Destiny fan whose progress was wiped out by a stranger on the internet. He and his mother reached out to us to share some thoughts about the experience.

Henry's mother tells us that one of the members of the young man's clan invited KirmitTHEfrog and another person into a party. They played together for a while, and it was after earning his trust on February 13, that the events of the video below unfolded.

Unfortunately, Henry has suffered a backlash for his naiveté, drawing insults. His mother has been accused of being a bad parent for allowing him to play.

Update-Update Henry AKA Cuckooknight, is currently streaming right now on Twitch if you would like to support his stream and talk directly to him

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GiantEnemyCrab1395d ago

The crying at the end is classic. Tough lesson kid. Never trust an online douche nozzle with any access to your content.

Kane221395d ago

your happy that the kid was crying...yea, sadly the kid did learn a harsh lesson in trusting strangers. but to be happy that he was crying is pretty messed up.

Letthewookiewin1395d ago

Well it's a lesson to be learned but no one should be happy about it. Dam.

DigitalHope1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I feel horrible for the kid, but I'll admit I did chuckle at the crying a little. Feel horrible for that but it is sort of funny.

And so the grind continues...

James Vanderbeek1395d ago

he was trying to cheat. i am happy he was crying due to that. dont cheat!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I guess the kid hasn't heard of Lance Armstrong.

As for the kid losing his stuff, he's innocent in AGE only.

Septic1395d ago

Lmao. I'm sorry. I'm an evil pos but I was laughing my arse off in the end lol and at the same time wanted to give the kid a hug. People on the Internet are such evil ba***ds.

Ah harsh lesson learned for the kid. I'm sure he'll bounce back.

NewMonday1395d ago

when I was kid I clicked on a strange file attachment on my PC and suddenly a torrent of file deletion screens popped up..

..I froze in shock for seconds then jumped for the power cable, at that moment a new screen flashed with writing in big text..

"just kidding, be careful what you click on next time ;)"

I was lucky, but I became paranoid of the internet ever since

SilentNegotiator1394d ago

The crying could have been comical, but the video is too somber and slow paced to be funny.

Godz Kastro1394d ago


Lost a lot of respect for you bro.

Bobby Kotex1394d ago

The kid got what he deserved.

XBLSkull1394d ago Show
Pixel_Enemy1394d ago

I have played with this kid before and he was so freaking annoying. When I saw this video I thought it was going to be epic watching this happen to him but after hearing him sob at the end I felt really bad.. I know how much time and effort goes into these characters and for all of you that are claiming he was trying to cheat as an excuse for not feeling bad, tell me you never "Cheesed" through something. Damn sorry for you kid...

1394d ago
trouble_bubble1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

How do you know he hasn't already tried all those other things and realised they suck, lol? Can't ride your bike from sunrise to sunset.

Times have changed. You "chase a girl" they'll probably cite you with harassment, beat up a bully and it's you that gets charged, brandish a water gun and the cops are likely to shoot you back lol. Kid's better off saving a fictional galaxy, or at least he was until Kermit got indoctrinated :0

bennissimo1394d ago

The kid was trying to cheat and got burned. I like this Kirmit guy. Cheating on a crappy game like Destiny deserves any and all retribution.

1394d ago
DigitallyAfflicted1394d ago

This is disgusting !!! “KirmitTHEfrog” should be reported to sony and blocked for bulling. Hope bungie will sort this kid out with new 32lvl full of guns and armour character!!!

Come on Anonymous hack “KirmitTHEfrog” for the principle and justice!!!

ABizzel11394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Tough lesson learned for the kid, don't trust anyone with your stuff, especially a stranger, and even worse a online stranger.

But the guy who did that is a complete @$$hole. Payback would be for the community to go to his profile and just constantly send game invites, so every time he gets on he gets bombarded with invite messages all day long, best of all destiny makes it easy to annoy people like this (we do this to each other).

Ultimate payback would be a console-ban from Sony, and a message saying "You're banned for being a turd".

1394d ago
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blackblades1395d ago

Can't you back the characters up with a save on the cloud.

Kane221395d ago

sadly no, everything is server side

Ghoul1395d ago

what a sad story......

sssb1395d ago

I feel sorry for that kid.

n1kki61394d ago

So do I. I think some people forget what it was like to be 11. My buddy just watched it and was telling me how his older brother deleted all of his halo progress among other things when he was 11 and he was devastated. All of this BS about it's rated teen, kid shouldn't have been playing is garbage. Rating are for a parents to decern if their kid is mature enough. Nothing in destiny would cause me pause for an 11 year old. The kid was trying to glitch. Well I cheese the bridge every run on crota, how about the people standing in front of loot caves. This was a dick move, no other way to look at it.

Meatyboy1395d ago Show
Spinal1395d ago

Loooool probably the funniest video ever!

The kid was trying to cheat in an online only game so yeah he deserved to get taught that lesson.

Anzil1394d ago

Destiny loot cave!? There is different ways to cheat without cheating the code and no one should ever lose their whole account for one mistake. I just truly don't understand how simple people like you get enjoyment from peoples pain. Its a completely pointless way to think and a complete waste of time. Therefore your way of thinking is a mistake cause its Nonsensical and your "life" account should be deleted. You hold back forward momentum of human intelligence and this is coming from a unintelligent right wing like myself! Please explain?

Spinal1394d ago


Here's your problem, your forgetting that this is a GAME. No harm came to him or his real life bank account or actual property. He lost Virtual characters and items that have NO REAL VALUE. All the while trying to obtain better virtual goods via using a cheat.

You talk about the loot cave? But I for one never used it, and anyone who got banned using loot cave exploit deserves their ban. I enjoyed playing Crucible got all my gear from there then my exotics from Xur.

Again this is simply hilarious, the kid was streaming it too. So im pretty sure hes not out of pocket in real life, I certainly dont have a capture card for my PC.

Man_Marmalade1395d ago

lol i thought it was pretty hilarious

TAURUS-5551394d ago

he cried lol he deserved it cuz u cant trust in some stranger just like that

DigitallyAfflicted1394d ago

Trust in strangers is not a bad thing, why he should be punished for it?

ThanatosDMC1394d ago

^It's because he trusted a stranger that something bad happened to him. Punish is not the word i would describe what happened to this ignorant kid.

UnHoly_One1394d ago

Hilarious. I wish all cheaters would have this happen to them.

On a side note, it disgusts me that most of the comments about him being a cheater are getting lots of disagrees.

You guys are probably all Patriots fans, aren't you?

Learn to play fair people.

throbbinjohnson1394d ago

Sounds like your either a ravens fan or a Seahawks fan lmao....

UnHoly_One1394d ago

No, not at all, I'm a fan of fair play.

The Patriots have just been a dirty team for the last 15 years.

Clunkyd1394d ago

I would get even a bigger laugh if Bungie actually banned the low life who deleted that kids work.

BlackTar1871394d ago

Seriously agree.

People shouldn't feel bad for the kid that was trying to cheat.

You should feel sorry for the state of human beings that would do this to the kid but you shouldn't feel bad for the kid just the situation.

The truth is 11 yrs old or not he tried to cheat and got burned. This kid learned a life lesson in the most harmless way possible and thus should be thankful. Some people learn this lesson with tangible goods or their life.

This kid got off easy and learned a lesson that will he will apply for the rest of his life at the cost of nothing important.

we should all want Bungie or PS to ban the a**hole but the kid should be held accountable for the repercussion of trying to cheat.

1394d ago
gsquad1394d ago

I think we "The PS4 community" should block "KirmitTHEfrog" from your friends-list. This will not only keep you from dealing with this douche ever, but will also prompt you if he joins your lobby. If we all do this he eventually will not have anyone to play with as his options for parties will be very small.

playboi281394d ago

Agreed! I think whenever he joins your game in crucible on Destiny, everyone should just gang up on his ass! He's a true POS and deserves to have his whole damn PSN account blocked. Maybe Anonymous will punish him...

bennissimo1394d ago

lol Kirmit should be applauded. The kid was trying to cheat and was taught a valuable lesson. Maybe he'll be more careful with his trust, or at least more scrupulous in his decisions, in the future.

GiantEnemyCrab1394d ago

It's a video game and he was trying to cheat. Seriously going to ball your eyes out over a game?
You act like someone in his family died, then that would be messed up laughing.

Maybe I'm just out of touch with the big problems facing today's 15yo.

BlackTar1871394d ago

seriously crab i'm with you. If this is that important to kids now a days then they have it so easy.

His crying doesn't really get me either as a parent of a 3yr old i know kids cry when you take their juice away or put them to bed when their not ready. Crying doesn't bring on sympathy for me on stuff that are meaningless.

If he really lost something valuable and important then his crying may strike up some feeling for him but the truth is it's a video game , He was trying to cheat and got burned for doing so. I don't see on his end where the problem is.

That said the guy who did should still be held accountable too and deserves a ban of some sort.

XanderZane1394d ago

Yeah, that was just wrong what that KermittheFrog guy did to him. Hopefully Bungie can do something to help the kid out in some way. I watched the video and thought this guy came off his friends list at first, but I guess he was just in the waiting room for players to join a game. Never do SharePlay with someone you do now know. Hard lesson to learn in this case.

nosferatuzodd1394d ago

know what i know that guy k the frog he did the same thing to a girl i know he deleted her hawk moon and some good exotic weapons they should ban the idiot permanently

Aither1394d ago

So preying on the young and innocent is classic for you? This is why the internet brings out the worst in humanity, the kid is indeed innocent and that is why he trusted that sob he called a friend.

If you do something like that to a young player you deserve to be banned, don't prey on anyone or you will deserve any punishment you receive.

Sony3601394d ago

The fact that the guy could even do that is a sign of poor design on the the "Share Play" feature.

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bOObies1395d ago

It was a lesson. But let's not get hung up on tossing blame. If you got in a car accident my first response wouldn't be..."Next time drive safer" He's a young kid, to trust people is built into them and humans in general . We get a chemical reward when our trust is confirmed.

When something bad happens on the internet the first thing apathetic narcissist want to do is blame the victim. That's an internet hating troll to the letter. Hate everything, post for shock value. I get it you don't agree with the majority you're different. Now cram a sock in it and if you cared about anything other then yourself you would have a little thing called empathy, which would enable you to understand pain or feelings not directly aimed at you. Perhaps another human being. Perhaps you can remember being a young child and wanting to trust and like people rather than hate and be weary.

This boy is a gamer, he is one of us. So kid you learned a tough lesson yes but what does it say about us and the person who did this..What lesson did he learn and what do we show this kid when someone steals something from you what are our feelings towards him.

Neonridr1395d ago

it means that unfortunately our world is full of cruel people who get some sort of high off of acts like this. These same people are the ones we see torturing animals for pleasure. They prey on the innocent and feel some sort of rush or high when they do things like this.

Sad world we live in sometimes.

DigitalHope1395d ago

Yeah but with the coverage in GI and Bungie being aware of this. That kermit douche will more than likely get the ban hammer for this.

Tctczach1395d ago

some guy erased some stuff from a kids PS4 and you go to a sociopath? Wow. that is a little bit of a jump. I would say a bully but not some kid who goes out and kills the neighborhood dog. If that's your view on humanity it is a sad world we live in.

Neonridr1395d ago

@Tctczach - I'm not saying that this guy is going to go out and torture dogs, but it takes a sick person to get some sort of enjoyment out of screwing over a kid like this.

wsoutlaw871395d ago

ya what kind of jack ass thinks its funny to mess with some little kid like that. How insecure do you have to be.

rdgneoz31395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

The kid was thinking the guy was gonna glitch the game for him so he could "rank up your character past 20 I guess, so yah." In a single player game, you're only hurting yourself. In a MMO or competitive/pvp game, you're trying to get an unfair advantage over others that do it legitimately. Cheaters get what they deserve.

vickers5001395d ago

" In a single player game, you're only hurting yourself."

Cheaters are hurting nobody with single player games as long as they are still enjoying themselves.

"In a MMO or competitive/pvp game, you're trying to get an unfair advantage over others that do it legitimately. Cheaters get what they deserve."

Except with Destiny, you really don't get an unfair advantage. Higher tier weapons and higher level are pretty much useless in the competitive side of things, except for iron banner, but at that point, you still can't cheat your way to it, you have to do raids for it.

Co-operatively, it doesn't hurt either, as you want your team to have all the best stuff so they can better help the team.

If you believe all cheating is bad, no matter what, regardless of if it affects anyone or not, then my argument is pointless and you should just go on believing what you believe, but if you think cheating only sucks because it causes some harmful imbalance within the game, then this kid is not deserving of what you would consider punishment.

Besides, we don't even know if what he was going to do was a glitch, or simply an exploit. He could have simply found a cave farming spot, people confuse the term "glitch" and "exploit" all the time, and if everyone who has ever "exploited" Destiny had their characters deleted, nobody would play destiny.

This is a tough and harsh lesson indeed, one I personally learned a long time ago as a kid when my jackass friend (in real life) deleted my pokemon gold save (had all of my party leveled to 100), but it is not a deserved punishment.

TheRedButterfly1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

A similar thing happened to my twin when we were 6. Our mother worked in an elementary school, so we would stay there after the students went home.

One day, an 'upper classmen' (5th grade) who's mother also worked there said he could get my brother's lvl 100 Blastoise (the very first Pokémon he ever raised to 100) to lvl 150... So brother traded his Blastoise to the kid so he could 'take it home and raise it.'

We never saw that Blastoise again. ('upper classmen' moved out of state a couple days later). My brother is /still/ pissed about it some 18 years later.

Moral of the story: Some people are assholes. Sure, anonymity only makes it worse, but the exact same thing happened back in the 90s - as well as every generation before that - only straight to your face. Don't make this about an 'internet hate culture' or whatever you're going on about.

Does it suck for the kid? Yeah. Quite a lot. Hell, I don't even play Destiny any more and I'd be furious if someone deleted my character/loot, but when you open yourself up to someone and give them the reigns to your console, you can't /not/ expect this to happen.

Hopefully Bungie will get wind and reinstate his progress, but even if they don't, dude learned a valuable lesson today.

SuperBlur1394d ago

What a rookie scammer, i feel he could've easily gotten away with your bro's gameboy ;p

In light of the video , i do hope he DOESN'T , he did because he wanted to gain an unfair advantage in the game through the abuse of an exploits, have no pity for cheaters

jerethdagryphon1394d ago

Lvling a mystryno can sometimescresult in an odd hp glitch when it changes form had a anorlax with like 50000hp

Daves1394d ago

Bungie actually posted a link in the weekly update, so they do know. Doubt they are doing anything about it though.

NeoTribe1395d ago

Well he was trying to glitch the game to rank up so i find it hard to feel bad. Wish all glitchers would have an ending like this one.

stuna11394d ago

Very well said! Empathy should be a quality all people should strive to develop as well as embrace. It's a quintessential part of life, and should definitely be afforded an 11 year old child who luckily has a whole life ahead of them with the possibility of hard lessons to learn, but most importantly the possibility of learning to change for the better! I'm sure we all have things in our past that we are not necessarily proud of, but in that respect we had an opportunity to learn something from whatever it was, and dependent on the degree or harshness of the lessons learned we expected someone to be empathetic to our feelings! Even if it was just our parents.

Aither1394d ago

Couldn't agree with you more. Recently all that goes around is people blaming the victims for trusting people they consider friends, even if it is online.

It's sick and wrong to blame someone so young for wanting to believe their is good in others. Stop being narcissists and start looking at yourselves for saying it was the child's fault for having trust in someone else.

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Neonridr1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

There should be an override button on the person who is sharing their game. That way they can at least try to prevent stuff like this from happening.

That really sucks though.

Here's hoping something can be done against Douchey McDouchebags. Maybe Bungie will see this video and wipe all his characters.

Snookies121395d ago

Haha, we should get some people to send this to Bungie and ask them to ban the guy completely or wipe his account in return.

Nicolee1395d ago

I hope Bungie will get his character back for him tho.

Christopher1394d ago

Sony and Bungie are probably already on it.

BlackTar1871394d ago

Why would they give him his stuff back?

Because he tried to cheat and got burned?

When you get caught cheating in games the dev bans your account and you lose everything why should this kid get anything back? Because his feelings are really hurt?

He deserves nothing but the guy who did it deserves to be held responsible and punished.

bloop1394d ago

Agreed BlackTar. I do feel sorry for the kid but at the end of the day he was trying to cheat. That Kirmit guy is an absolute dick though and needs to be punished.

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kayoss1395d ago

I read the article and I have to say, The kid crying is very genuine, so this have to be real. Poor kid. All that work grinding for three different classes all wiped out by some guy that has nothing better to do. Is there a way to blacklist kirmitthefrog? Like everyone gang up on him in the crucible?

stuna11394d ago

I'm not for sure but isn't there a reporting system in place for the PS4? I know there is for the PS3.

All he needs is the player screen name and he should be able to file a grievance report.

sarshelyam1394d ago

Bullying the bully? Yeah...two wrongs make a right.

joab7771395d ago

They probably will...and should!

Everyone can say that the kid made a mistake, and he did, but he was 11.

The other one is an idiot b/c he knew he was recording...and did it anyway. Anyone that stupid deserves an entire wipe and a ban.

CorndogBurglar1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I agree but it wouldn't have helped in this situation. The kid clearly left the room and didn't see the guy delete his two characters. He came back in just as the guy was deleting his Plan C. It wasn't until he tried to log back in that he noticed his other two characters were gone.

So not only did he give control of his console to a stranger, he then left the room and didnt even keep an eye on the guy. Tough lesson but i bet this kid never does this again.

The thing i find really crazy is this kid was trying to have this stranger "glitch the game to get get past lvl 20", yet all of his characters were already over lvl 20 lol.

kayoss1394d ago

This kid will now permanently have trust issues.