[MWEB GameZone Review] Project Spark Review - Unique. Original. Ingenious

MWEB GameZone writes: "Project Spark is an interesting game, or rather, simulation. This isn't just because it allows you to create games, but also in the way it teaches programming principles. It does so in a visual way, with icons instead of actual code. That's not the only thing Project Spark does though. Users have the capability to upload their projects and let others rate their creations."

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HanCilliers1269d ago

"Learn to code without coding" - just one of the features which make Project Spark an ingenious invention.

ImAPotato1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Seriously i like the idea, but Roblox does it much much better.

First, roblox is free. You can play millions of games, make any game using all of the tools at no price tag. They pay for servers and all.

Second, is that you can make real $$$ on roblox! You can make up to 20,000$ a month on roblox! Yes I said 20k! You can make $240,000 a YEAR! That is a whole lot more than people make. Thats the same amount a doctor makes!

Third, is how simple it is. Anyone can make a popular game. Theres are hundreds of different ways to learn techniques, and Roblox is always updating making everything so easy and better! New textures, new Particle effects! And a whole lot more! Also, Roblox is better in which it is not closed in to one look like project spark. You can make any look you want.

Lastly, is the social part of roblox. The focus of Roblox is multiplayer games, but you can still make single player games. You have a vast amount of players to friend, party, and just have fun in roblox. You can customize your charcter, buy new clothing, buy gear, with Roblox currency that you can make by daily logins, place visits, or you can buy some. There are probably a hundred more reasons why, but those are some i thought of.