VG247 interview: Prototype's Tim Bennison

VG247: Prototype's been under the news community's watchful eye since Games Convention 2007. The Radical action game spiked interest at the German show with what looked to be a promising mix of super-mutant, gore and open world, leaving those privy to the showing with Prototype highly-placed on Christmas 2008 wish-lists.

This year hasn't been quite so kind to the project, however. First came news in March that multiplayer had been axed, with confirmation of a slip into 2009 following in early May.

The game's surface temperature may have dipped a little, but the core's still hot. Prototype's executive producer, Tim Bennison, took time out to detail what makes his title special, reveal that multiplay still may make it and explain why Alex Mercer's bloody fight is one of the most progressive third-person free-roamers in development today.

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