Are Video Games Sexist?

Are video games rife with sexism? And have you heard that most video gamers are now adult women—not teenage boys in the basement? A new study says so. Feminist tech writers have seized on the study as proof that the video industry has fallen behind the times: too many games, they say, perpetuate a culture of sexism and misogyny.

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viperman2401312d ago

This is the woman that everyone in the industry should be listening to and paying attention. Not Anita Sarkeesian and literally who.

She speaks sense and backs ups her claims. Christina Sommers fights for real feminism, not this 3rd wave feminism BS that we are all getting tired of.

aCasualGamer1312d ago

Yet, Anita Sarkeesian gets awarded for her biased views and "studies".

3-4-51311d ago

She doesn't generate "hits" for Polygon so they won't mention her.

-Foxtrot1312d ago

I love how she's actually done her research for not being a gamer herself. Plus she even states that the last time she played on one was arcade Pacman, in a bar years ago.

I mean she even states and proves how despite what some "studies" show, males are still the highest percentage of the gaming audience.

She's like a super Mom

Am_Ryder1312d ago

'Well said' Fox - except the... super mum bit?

zerocrossing1312d ago

This is the kind of feminism I think we can all get behind.

It's about time we heard from more women who are striving for equality by presenting facts and common sense, instead of trying to domination others with lies and deceit.

Axonometri1312d ago

Still sick of this crap either way...

ScottyHoss1312d ago

I'm sick of feminism, in the literal sense of the word not the accepted definition. But she's not for that, she's for equality, which I really hope you're not sick of.

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The story is too old to be commented.