Shigeru Miyamoto is making a CGI 'Pikmin' film

A year after the short film's announcement, it looks like the CGI "Pikmin" cartoon is ready to go.

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Big_Game_Hunters1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Ah thats going to be great, Nintendo EAD games have pixar level charm and humor(old pixar). I just hope this means we are getting pikmin 4, with online bingo battle this time.

MNGamer-N1557d ago

I'd hit my agree button 10 times if I could. This shoud be great, I love Pikmin. And online bingo battle would be a dream come true.

shaw981557d ago

I see old pixar as 2010 pixar. After 2010 (Toy story 3), they started to go down hill. Cars 2 was blah.

-Foxtrot1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Jesus Christ I thought it said Pixar for a second...was having a heart attack

shaw981557d ago

I would love for pixar to make a Nintendo film.

Big_Game_Hunters1557d ago

Pixar sucks yass now, Disney animation is better now, but not as good as old disney or old pixar.

theshredded1557d ago

That's actually not a bad idea

Lighter91557d ago

I hope there's an English version, unlike that Animal Crossing movie.

shaw981557d ago

I would love a full blown Super Mario film (cgi). It could be about Mario's starting on how Mario got to the mushroom kingdom from a 1930's great depression Brooklyn with Luigi and how Mario has to go save all the toad retainers and Peach so she can unbound the curse that Bowser put upon the Toads by turning them into items.

Venox20081556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

and dont forget a Metroid CGI and Donkey Kong :)

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