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The Legend of Zelda franchise takes a side step into the Dynasty Warriors style of game play in an all out attempt to cram as much fan service into a game while the actual Zelda game everyone wants is a few years off.. however it’s still awesome!

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SpiralTear1565d ago

Solid review, Ryatta. You're lucky to have netted an import copy. Can't wait to play this.

Ryatta1565d ago

I had to get a copy of it! Though importing in general seems to have become my thing :D It's an awesome game and i hope they get a second one to add more

ifrit_caress1565d ago

This game looks like Nintendo's version of Dynasty Warriors.

WeAreLegion1565d ago

Well, it's a collaboration. It's called "Hyrule Warriors" for a reason.

darthv721565d ago

never played a dynasty warriors game before but this one intrigues me. Maybe because its LoZ based. Still....intriguing.

eferreira1565d ago

I'm still getting this game but I wonder how the reviews would've been if it didn't feature Zelda characters.

ShowGun9011565d ago


ive always like warriors games, and it gets tiring all the negative reviews they get, in spite of fixing flaws, polishing gameplay, improving graphics and performance, and having on of the largest playable rosters ever! (over 85!!!)

then one day they add Link, and the gaming press that mocked the warriors series for an entire decade all of a sudden cant wait to play it! Shouldn't you already be tired of it? wont it be the same as last time, but with LoZ characters? Will it not be cool to hate it, now that it stars legendary Nintendo characters? not safe to pick on anymore?

sorry if i sound bitter, i just think koei deserves more credit than they get... cant wait to play Samurai Warriors 4 this october, if you don't own a WiiU, but wanna try a warriors game, it should be pretty awesome! (plus its set in the awesome Sengoku Era!)

mcstorm1565d ago

I really need to get a move on with getting through my games as I really want this but still have pikmin 3, Mario 3d world, splinter cell Mario kart 8 and wind weaker to finish on my wiiu. Getting older sucks for gaming.

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