The Order: 1886 to Mix Dynamic and Baked Lighting, Use Vertex Blending to Create Stunning Sets

It’s been a little while since there have been news about The Order: 1886, and the team at Ready at Dawn seems to be crunching silently for the rumored stage presentation at E3. Yet, a few more details about the game’s lighting and rendering solutions came up in two brand new career opportunity ads published on the studio’s website.

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randomass1711408d ago

Awesome! Now let's see it in action. :D

Abriael1408d ago

E3, doubt we'll see anything before that.

randomass1711408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Works for me. E3 is another month and half away. All the anticipation is too much, honestly. :D

edit: @below Well I'll be damned lol. It IS in just a month haha. My bad.

Abriael1408d ago

Actually just a month now :D

GameDev11408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

@Consoleslateagain @Bigpappy

First of all, what are your obsessions with lightning??

Second of all, what are you talking about??

hellzsupernova1408d ago

Agreed I think we will get to see full on gameplay, and a release date at E3

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user56695101408d ago

Didn't people say this about infamous and got bash for it. Now prebaked lighting is an achievement. Not saying you , but people said infamous had prebaked lighting and fanboys did everything they could to hide and deny it

Septic1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Yeah the double standards are mind boggling.

In any case, its a mixture of both and The Order is one of the most, if not the most impressive looking next gen games so far so it doesn't really matter and nor will I keep referencing it like it was some key feature in the game like some people did.

Bigpappy1408d ago

They said they will be using baked lighting, like you guys keep saying Forza is using. Does that mean PS4 is to weak to do full real-time lighting on what is supposed to be a slow paced game? Just asking. I know you guys will have a better explanation than what I suggest.

Eonjay1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Real time lighting may use unnecessary processing power that that be better used in other spots. But thats specific to the title and what the director wants to prioritize. For example, Forza choice to prioritize framerate and resolution over lighting, AA, and fidelity over all. Ryse did the opposite. So far this title seems to be prioritizing physics and fidelity of models and sets.

What would you choose to prioritize in a game?

morganfell1408d ago

You nailed it in the comment that there are likely areas where your interaction means baked may be better horsepower conservation.

Besides, take a minute to peruse Bigpappy's post history if you are not familiar with him. He is looking for a chink in the PS4 armor, not an accurate and realistic answer.

Raven7221408d ago

The argument in regards to Forza was about some Xbox fans claiming Forza used realtime lighting. Which it didn't. They were trying to gloat about Forza's visuals being superior to Driveclub. Not only was that debatable at the height of the argument but became obviously incorrect when Forza 5 released with visual downgrades.

The problem is not what kind of lighting was used. The problem was Xbox fans denying the type of lighting being used and making false claims. All in a misguided attempt to prove their product of choice was creating superior visuals.

4Sh0w1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Eonjay I understand what you're saying, I'm not even sure if the listing has anything to do with The Order having pre baked lighting but yes you are correct it may be an unnecessary use of processing power still the same can be said for Forza5, of course all games prioritize different things. Forza5 was a racing game as such framerate and visual fidelity of cars has always been a priority, yet in the hate parade it was commonly bashed exactly for pre-baked lighting, which ironicly many reviews highlighted Forza5 as having impressive lighting. Now there seems to be an obvious double standard in regards to ps4 exclusives.

Bathyj1408d ago

Youre really comparing an open world simulation with complex AI, weather patterns, time of day to a racing game that has static everything?

If anything you just highlighted how so much more is going on Watchdogs but Forza is doing a lot less yet couldnt improve the lighting.

Its an apples to oranges thing anyway, I'm just not sure your little stealth jab accomplished what you wanted it to.

liquidhalos1408d ago

He answered your question bigpappy now be polite and answer. There's no point in hiding away. Just say thank you to the polite posters for correcting you and move on.

scott1821407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

I think a lot of games use a mix of baked and dynamic lighting. I may be wrong but Forza 5 is really the only game I can think of to only have baked lighting so far this gen...

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SIX1408d ago

Man, they've really talked up this game. Is t even possible now for it to live up to these lofty goals. I hope so, but I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic.

XiSasukeUchiha1407d ago

Damn that sweet batter called PS4 is producing this quality.

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Hellsvacancy1408d ago

DuelShockers AGAIN, you just know by the way the title is written, it was the same for HipHopGamer, you KNEW it was a HHG article just from reading the title

We'll have another one tomorrow but instead it'll be for The Last Guardian

WeAreLegion1408d ago

Despite his over-the-top titles, I actually liked HHG. :/ It's a shame he was booted from N4G.

abc12331408d ago

The stuff he said may have been stupid but that guy's enthusiasm was unmatched.

iceman061407d ago

I miss him too. Not really his "articles", but the interviews. Who else is getting the interviews like he used to? I don't see many on this site anymore.

Thomaticus1407d ago

I think they should lift the HHG ban. Either that or change the name of the website to name from N4G to N4GMNFHHG (minus news from Hip Hop Gamer).

shivvy241407d ago

yeah, one thing i like about him is his enthusiastic interviews!

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MysticStrummer1408d ago

Your views on The Order are fascinating.

younglj011408d ago

Can't compare HHG he was right about most of the things he said. I still remember he was the "Only" journalists that mention Kratos in something of fighter...

I think he got ban because he was black and most of the people here didn't like him even though he was right most of the time.

Bigpappy1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

I don't think it was all about his race, he also had a strong HIPHOP/ Street culture vibe. Not all black people have that or even like it.

Having said that, I am aware that there are people who dislike people purely on skin color. Just not sure that was the main reason he was not accepted.

HHG was a PS fanboy, but he was entertaining to me and a true gamer to be sure. He was able to get the attention of many of the top developers to do interviews and such. I would put him in the same category as Pacther, only I think HHG was right 6/10 times, Pacther 1/10. Plus Pacther is no gamer and only started to get some real acceptance here after he started with the Kinectless X1 talk and feeding the M$ separating from X1 vibe, which all plays very well here for obvious reasons.

As for Dualshockers: You can't seriously be trying to put them in the same category as HHG and Pacther. Abriael expresses his opinion here, but most of his submissions are breaking news that is free of opinions. In fact his submissions are very popular hear, and you are only mad because the article mentioned that some lighting is prebaked, as though that is such negative thing and dualshockers some how are responsible.

@Eonjay: I agree with everything you said above. I am actually not criticizing the game or faulting the PS4. This is just pointing out hypocrisy to the fanboys how are quick to point out these developer decisions as some sort of flaw to the game or hardware it is on, if it is not PlayStation.

As for what I would choose, what ever doesn't hurt gameplay and content, while presenting the game in the best possible light (pun intended). In other words, what ever the developer see as best for his vision, as I do see games as an art form.

WeAreLegion1408d ago

It had nothing to do with him being black. That's ridiculous.

iamnsuperman1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

What are you talking about. HHG twisted the meaning and made outrageous titles with videos that didn't match. It wasn't because he was black. He was just crap

younglj011408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Crap is you serious? I have seen worst articles from websites on here now. If he "suck" how did he get exclusive interviews that most major sites never got.

He gave information in a way that wasn't "proper" or in a certain way. I'm not an fan of him myself but for the info he was giving the "gaming" community on certain titles was amazing.

There are an couple of articles where he guessed right and guess what he even hinted at an certain next-gen title years ago....The reason I bring his race into this because there is a lot less credible information coming from certain sites and they have been here for years.

If you going to ban someone for "crap" material then a lot of other people should be ban also just my 2 cents...

Edit:Also I don't mind Dualshockers because they usually get an rumor/information before anyone else.

iceman061407d ago

@youngglj01...The claim is that he was booted because he "wasn't really news". However, as you stated, with the tweet articles we get almost daily, you have to think that at least he was providing content. Every Hip-Hop Gamer Show had an interview with somebody. Sure, he had his bias.
@Bigpappy..So it was the "HIPHOP/Street" vibe? I think that was what he used as his hook. He was attempting to cross two things people usually don't think go together...Hip Hop and gaming. (which is crazy because many artists keep video games on their tour buses) I remember people complaining about his English and him being "unprofessional" because he used slang. However, when he did interviews, you didn't see him staying with ONLY Hip Hop vernacular. That says something right there. I think there were definite racial undertones to the comments in his articles. But, the main reason was because of "flamebait" titles and "lack of news" at least according to N4G. There's a video on YouTube that he posted where he highlighted the reasons that were given to him from admins of N4G.

Thomaticus1407d ago

First question I'm wondering is... has anyone else been treated like HHG on this site?

abc12331407d ago

@BigPappy are you actually serious about Dualshockers? The articles are riddled with opinions, particularly with that recent Sony E3 "leak", it may have not been his opinions but simply putting those in was as unprofessional as anything HHG has done. I don't treat either of them as particularly great news sources but at least HHG was entertaining.

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Dark111408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

I really hope this game will be more than your average third person shooter.

LOGICWINS1408d ago

Judging from your disagrees, people want the Order to be your average third person shooter.

LOGICWINS1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Judging from your disagrees, people want the Order to be an average third person shooter.

EDIT: Apologies for thr double post lol

LarVanian1408d ago

E3 this year is going to own! From both Sony and Microsoft! But even then, the demos for The Order and Uncharted will probably be enough to blow my mind!