The Top 5 Games I Want to Like… But Just Don’t

Lucas, like many other gamers out there, has a list of games that he wants to love but just can’t stomach up the will to do so. He tells us his top 5 games that no matter how hard he tries he just can’t like as much as everyone else. Are any of them on your list?

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TheGrimReaper00111238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Don't feel bad about Saints Row The Third
That game was ass!

RTS is most of the time anal with micromanaging stuff. I can really enjoy an RTS if done right, but it's def not a genre for everyone

Dark Souls ... yeah, I think everyone should AT LEAST try it. If you don't well, thats completely understandable.

For me personally, I want to like Shadow of The Colossus. I beat the game twice, I just dont get it. Gameplay is very mediocre, story depends on what you make of it, ending is rather weak, characters not fleshed out one bit, world is huge with nothing in it. Colossi are cool, but extremely underwhelming. Never died once and beat them real easy =/

guitarded771238d ago

I could never get into Saint's either. But I can see why some like it. I prefer Demon's Souls formula to Dark Souls, but it's a great game either way. But I can also understand why it may be a bit too... umm... well... you know, for some. AC is hit and miss. Some AC games are amazing, while others are "meh". I always tell people to start with AC2.

3-4-51237d ago

Little Big Planet for me. I LOVE creating stuff in games, but ALL the scenary clashes and doesn't go well together and it just looks ugly and messey & ends up being kind of a boring platformer.

nope1111238d ago

I really tried to like Lone Survivor but i just couldn't get into it.

The World Ends With You was another game that everybody recommend for me since i was suffering from buyers remorse with the disappointing DS, but again i couldn't get into it.

Skate-AK1238d ago

Feel the say way with RTS.

xJumpManx1238d ago

The Last of Us. I had just finished Tomb Raider on the PC so TLOU was nothing special graphically it just felt like a Zombie game made my Naughty Dog. The resolution at the end I guess was something new for video game titles but nothing revolutionary in story telling by any means.

DaBenner1238d ago

your stupid and i dont respect you

ironfist921237d ago

why? because you can't spell and he has an opinion?

frostypants1237d ago

It doesn't play at all like Tomb Raider. Nice try though.

medman1237d ago

Congratulations on writing the most bullshot critique of TLOU anywhere...ever. Hard to argue with bullshot.

InTheLab1237d ago

I'm gonna go with Titanfall. The foundation is there for something really good but overall the game is very mediocre. Incredibly fun for a week or so then it's back to battlefield. I should enjoy this game because it is CoD without the bulls$&t but it just does not have the content to keep me coming back.

I should also enjoy Killzone SF but I feel like the game is half the game Killzone 3 was and certainly not on the level of KZ2.

jdiggitty1237d ago

I hear you about Titanfall. I was even planning on making that my "go to" game but I can't find much motivation to jump into it anymore.

If you're on PC, Loadout has been really entertaining

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