Top five shocking story moments in gaming

Developers have offered us some of the fondest memories of gaming through their enticing stories. However, there are some narratives which featured exceptional twists that left gamers dropping their controller in shock and awe. Here are five particular moments in games which left people with a memorable experience that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

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nope111886d ago

Ending of LoS had me picking my jaw off the floor.

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pedrof93886d ago

The only one that I experienced was the Haytham revelation, I mean it was a bit suspicious ,thought he even had an assassin symbol somewhere in him. It's kinda crazy that the best moment in the game's story was at the end of the prologue.


mgszelda1886d ago (Edited 886d ago )


Why is Joel always called a bad guy in these articles? It was a much more realistic scenario for him to take the actions he did

sdozzo886d ago

Because he created the Animus and was Comstack's brother.

nope111886d ago

I probably would've done the same. F*** humanity.

wonderfulmonkeyman886d ago

Shadow of the Colossus had three shockers that I really liked.
Your horse dies, you get reborn after you become a demons vessel, and your horse actually doesn't die.