Project Spark Team Gives Hope For Standalone Games Creation

Fanbolt writes: "So I’ve been playing Porject Spark for a while now. Messing around, learning, creating, brainstorming and overall, enjoying myself. The games other people make are fun and the creation aspect can get addicting quite easily. Yet throughout all my time with the game, I’ve always had a niggling feeling in the back of my thoughts, like something was missing. Recently, I finally realized what that was."

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incendy351600d ago

That would be awesome if you could sell your creations. I am using it to mock up game ideas for Unity because it is so easy in Project Spark to create full games so quickly.

Dark_matter1600d ago

That destiny tribute was awesome

Dark_matter1600d ago

Are the beta keys useless

ElementX1600d ago

It's open beta now you don't need a key.

Dark_matter1600d ago

Thanks Element X, I had a key that was useless cause I don't have either systems

AceBlazer131600d ago

Sad that this game which looks damn brilliant isn't getting a fraction of the attention that basic ass shooter is getting.Long live the shooters gamers.

AnEwGuY1600d ago

It's funny that MS gets slammed for supposedly not being indie-friendly...yet this game is EXACTLY what indie is all about (or at least what it used to be). This one game could potentially launch the careers of hundreds of future/current indie devs, if utilized properly, much like great PC mods often result in new talent getting a solid foot in the industry. I'm sorry, but churning out one throwaway mobile/downloadable game after another, with very little monetary investment of your own, doesn't make you an indie.

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