Rumor – Are Squads Coming Back to Battlefield 4?

MP1st - Squads may be returning to Battlefield 4, according to recent reports.

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SolidDuck1546d ago

Well I freakin hope so. It was so dumb it wasn't in 4.

Detoxx1546d ago

There are squads in 4.

This is about the pre-squad up function on the menu.

Mr_cheese1546d ago

Annoys me how you can't squad up with a friend. It's really hit and miss if you end up on the same team when you join their game, very annoying.

3-4-51545d ago

What are you talking about cheeze?

I've never NOT been able to play with friends.

* Heres HOW:

* Friend #1, finds a game, clicks on it and enters.

* On your friends list, it will pop up and show that your friend is in game.

ALL of you then join that game.

CREATE YOUR OWN group once in there. ( Alpha,Bravo,Charlie)

* And that way, 5 of you can be in the same squad.


This took me and my friends all of 2 minutes to figure out.

bamillington1546d ago

The biggest disappointment in bf4

BeastModeYMOB1546d ago

I can finally get my friends in on the action w/o me killing them!

venom061546d ago

you can squad up with friends... tell your friends to join your damn squad... it aint rocket science... people whining over nothin...

deadie1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

With a lot of unneccessary hassle yes.
Especially if you play with more than 2 ppl.

The so called "whining" is very justified in this case.

anesthesique1545d ago

Mate we're 5 people on the menu looking for a server to join, that we can all be in the same team and squad, and it never really goes that way. Someone will be on the other team, or our squad will be split into two/three different squads with random people. We just want to instantly join and play as a squad, not spend 10 minutes of foreplay before we can actually spawn.

When one of your biggest selling points and advantages to other games is squadwork, you need to have this feature in. Especially if it was on the previous game.

anesthesique1545d ago

Never understood why they removed such a useful feature in the first place, hopefully it will be added in the game. Right now trying to squad up and play with your friends is a nightmare.