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AMD Ready to Provide Mantle Support for PS4 and Xbox One; Could Push Performance of Both Further

There has been a lot of discussion lately on the possibility of AMD’s Mantle to be used to improve the performance of PS4 and Xbox One like it did for certain games on PCs using AMD video cards, and today AMD Senior Director of Global Software Alliances Neal Robison explained that something can indeed be done during the Q&A Session of a press conference held in Tokyo. (Mantle, PS4, Xbox One)

The_Infected  +   462d ago
I could've swore I read a while back console we're already able to be coded to the metal. Anyways this is great news.
Hatsune-Miku  +   462d ago | Well said
I don't believe this for a second because fanat-X made it seems like only xbox one software development kit can improve and not ps4.

Anyway, I can't wait for better performance in games over all from graphics to physics animation and all sorts.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   462d ago
I don't think people say only XB1 can improve. People are saying only XB1 uses this advanced mutli billion dollar api made my Chip and software giants together, resulting in the industry being extremely impressed and excited. Just because people praise significantly advanced software doesn't mean folks are saying other things can not improve in their own ways. This notion is all in your insecure heads.

The console to PC, PC to console features are going to be a hit with DX12.

Everything improving=][=Improving with the most advanced tech ever created. http://www.buildwindows.com...
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UltraNova  +   462d ago

Jesus man I am sure you have Microsoft tattoos or something!
extermin8or  +   462d ago
@morepowerofgreen: mate... you just went FULL retard.... The ps4 and xbox one are using pretty much THE SAME CPU ARGHHHHH! its slightly modified by each company, the gpu's however are fairly different and ibdont know wtf you are on about with fx12 pc to console. Thats all well andbgood but thevgames ram will STILL neee handling differently tsking time, effort and money and there msy be no full work around that gets the same perormance out of esram and ddr3 as ddr5. The pc however should benefit from dx12 quite abit.
SourShoes  +   462d ago
I recall an ICE team member saying Mantle wasn't needed for PS4, because the API is already bad ass.

I've been tracking fanboys for some time here on N4G. You have all the signs of hardcore fanboyitis: delusional, no positive statements for the console you don't own, consistently marked for trolling, and the best yet, conspiracy theories. http://n4g.com/comments/red...

I've ranked you #1 Xbox fanboy, aka King Xbot. How does it feel to beat out tough competitors such as lifeisgamesok and truefan1? Your thoughts please...oh yeah, 1 bubble :(
Kleptic  +   462d ago
at this point its all nothing but marketing...

consoles are specific hardware, just one configuration...

DX12 is supposed to offer 'mantle-like' lower level access to multiple PC configurations...this, for the most part, benefits a PC's cpu more than anything...because the cpu is generally whats hampered by the high level DX11.x...

that has nothing to do with Xbox One...the xbox one does not have multiple configurations...talking about improving the API further with 'dx12' or whatever is fine, but its NOT going to make any real difference...the API both consoles shipped with are just about as to the metal as you can get, that is what happens when a platform only has a single configuration to worry about...

so, i'd say the same thing about mantle...mantle, fundamentally, is a PC centric API to give 'console like' coding to a handful of available gpu configs...its something developers can use for PC platforms that is similar, and very light on resource requirements, to the current console API's...

whatever the name of the API the consoles use is...is simply marketing...consoles have always had low level API's...its just part of how development on a closed system works...any additional works done to either console in this area can just be chalked up to 'OS optimizations'...in the past, some suit hadn't come up with a clever name for it...consider this stuff the 'cloud' of graphics drivers...
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sinspirit  +   462d ago
Well, Windows benefits from Mantle because of Windows poor design around hardware communication, which they only bothered to mess with because Mantle exposed their laziness, past the fact that we still have essentially the same OS for over a decade now that still has old issues.. PS4 already has excellent hardware communication because it's far more specialized for it and not a custom port of an un-optimized Windows.

Perhaps Mantle on PS4 would be better coded for AMD hardware and improve performance even more. Who knows.
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Razputin  +   461d ago
I think the reason they said that is because Xbox One is the only that needs to improve.

From an outside point of view. PS4 has obviously set the standard for the current generation of consoles. So it is up to Xbox One to improve.

Yes, Mantle will obviously -- according to the article, improve the performance further of both consoles, but it is the Xbox One that needs it more.
Mr-Dude  +   461d ago

I get it that you love your X1 and your undying love to MS but man are you cracked in the head?

You together with Truefan are like followers of a cult (probably MisterX). Even Lifeisgameok isn't that nuts, like you. I bet you start your day with looking at a picture of Bill Gates himself, kissing your X1 and logging onto MisterX...

Hicken  +   462d ago
Me too. This is why I don't think DX12 will do much to help the XB1 much.

I would really like more of an explanation of how exactly these things that are designed to do on PC what can already be done on consoles will benefit consoles.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   462d ago
Just a few weeks ago a dice dev said mantle isn't needed on ps4 as the ps4 API is better
Abriael  +   462d ago
He said the API is "good as well", not better. There's nothing that can't be improved.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   462d ago
Ahh it's been a few I tend to remember only certain parts lol but in all honesty I don't see mantle being much benefit to console maybe smaller dev teams etc that don't have the workforce to take advantage of said consoles api etc mantle could help them. But for massive devs with a huge work force I don't think it will benefit them as much
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lfc_4eva  +   462d ago
Only perfection ;-)
neogeo  +   461d ago
Agreed. AMD should be allowed to help out and do some updates on the Consoles just like PC gets. When it comes to coding efficiently there is always always always room to grow.
Kayant  +   462d ago
Same dev being repi who worked on BF4 and the dev that give all the talks about mantle in BF4/Frostbite 3.

PS4 and XB1 already have what mantle provides iirc so this just sounds like AMD trying to keep mantle relevant in light of DX12 but credit to them for pushing it.

I mean what could mantle provide that the mono driver for XB1 and GNM for PS4 don't already do?

Am I missing something?
BakPAin  +   462d ago
Actually this a plus for MS, because Xbox One being compatible with both Mantle and DX12! Mantle will increase performance on PS4 and Xbox One dont know by how much but know it will!
RegorL  +   461d ago
I am pretty sure AMD will be able to release Mantle for XBoxOne and PS4 (and AMD GPUs for Win7 and Win8).
- Even if it wouldn't give ANY performance boost on consoles, developer time would get a boost!
- Add some OpenGL (it also has low level features now) and you cover remaining parts of PC, Linux (including mobile), and Apple.

So, why don't they?
- Consoles are closed environments. Microsoft and SONY can veto whats going in...

- LATE to the party
- might be Windows 9 only
(have MS said what OS they will RELEASE for?)
(will it support Win 7 and Win 8 - who knows?)
- will not be ready for mass consumption until late 2015
- will handle MS Tablets, MS Phones
chrissx  +   462d ago
Its about time. Good news
TomRL  +   462d ago
Wow, didn't expect this to be possible.
Illusive_Man  +   462d ago
Why does Xbox One need Mantle if it's getting DX12? Code to the atoms?
Abriael  +   462d ago
Whether they need it or not, it'll depend on Microsoft itself. As Robison said, they can provide it, but it'll depend on Sony and Microsoft to use it.
Tempest317  +   462d ago
Also, didnt they slate dx12 for late 2015? If mantle is available now theyve got a lot of time to use it
rainslacker  +   462d ago
If a dev uses mantle on the PC, or the PS4, it makes porting easier if they use mantle on the X1 as well.
KNWS  +   462d ago
Directx12 isn't mantle it can just do the same thing. Directx12 is more complicated than mantle.
Kleptic  +   462d ago
haha and you know this how exactly?

Mantle is only an API for a specific graphics card series...

DX12?..we know nothing about what it really is...Mantle starts gaining popularity and magically MS has the answer to give similar performance gains to EVERY graphics card?

sounds like typical MS to me.
HaydenJameSmith  +   462d ago
Anything that can improve CPU overhead... is pretty good... Like for CPU driven games like BF4, could help improve fps. But not to sure bought the GPU side of things but it can only mean good things for Xbox one and Ps4
porkChop  +   462d ago
Mantle would be useless on console. With consoles you're already coding directly to the metal, which is a much lower level optimization than Mantle provides.
jay2  +   462d ago
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I see Sony waiting for DX12 to see what it does in terms of improving multi platform games, then Sony will use it if needed to keep the boost.
OpenGL  +   462d ago
Sony is not going to adopt an entirely new graphics API for the PS4 post system release.
EXVirtual  +   462d ago
Wouldn't they make a new OpenGL?
stuna1  +   462d ago
From my understanding there are already certain properties in DX12 that are similar to OpenGL! Plus OpenGL is just that open! Making modifications and additions fairly frequent.
Sevir  +   462d ago
Thats hardly the case! Sony's ICE team member said that DirectX12 looks awfully familiar to what they've been doing since the ICE was formed... its been largely stated that and proven that OpenGL has been out performing previous DirectX versions for a few years. DX12 seems to be coming into a spaces shared by OpenGL for sometime and offering more modern efficient ways of coding!

Considering what alot of devs have said they are just happy that DX12 has aparently caught up to modern day coding API like Mantle and OpenGL on current PS hardware like both the PS3 and PS4...
ninjahunter  +   462d ago
Microsoft will probably give it a pass, considering that they own and support DirectX, with a new version just around the corner.
MRMagoo123  +   462d ago
well if i was MS i would go with the better api and i think mantle is gonna be far better than dx12.
RegorL  +   461d ago
Guess that is around the corner of the Globe Arena... :)
Illusive_Man  +   462d ago

Parts of DX12 will be incorporated before 2015.
ARESWARLORD  +   462d ago
DX12 is the way to go
stuna1  +   462d ago
Sound to me like mantle is just trying to be included in the party! It's already been known that the PS4's api Open gl was specifically tailored for close to the metal performance, and the Xbox1's DX12 will also perform that same purpose.

AMD may have missed the boat on this one when it comes to consoles!

On another note, serious question! Is the WII U able to take advantage of something like Mantle? If so, why no one ever discusses that fact?
theXtReMe1  +   462d ago
Mantle is based off of PS4s own SDK(PC version of it). Using it to develop for the system would be redundant, as developers are already able to bypass most drivers and code to the metal.
kakashi81  +   462d ago
Early 2015 games will be utilizing this hopefully.
candy_mafia  +   462d ago
I'm not gonna pretend to be a developer like some on this site, but I always thought hardware was 'fixed' and it's the 'tools' that get better, thus improving what is already there?

...If I'm wrong, somebody put me right pls. I totally won't be offended, because you can't learn with an 'ignorance' hat on :)
Father__Merrin  +   462d ago
battlefield 5 with mantel support for ps4 V Xbox1 version with direct x12

that would be a crazy comparison
RegorL  +   461d ago
I can already predict the winner, so yes it would be a crazy comparison...

Use same hardware please!
Milesprowers  +   462d ago
Nvidia produces the best GPUs
KRUSSIDULL  +   461d ago
I think one point of bringing Mantle API support to PS4 and Xbox One would be to easier create multiplatform games for both platform instead of using PS4 API AND Xbon Ones API.

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