LotF Dev: DX12 Isn't A Magic Wand; Great Improvements From Async Compute

Deck13's Michele Giacalone gives his opinion on DirectX 12, Mantle and using Async Compute for great improvements.

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d_g1397d ago

Of course it's not magic it's Technology !

kaiserfranz1397d ago

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

LavaLampGoo1397d ago

But like everything else itll improve over time.. right?

kaiserfranz1397d ago

That's the unfortunate thing, to truly exploit DirectX 12 developers will need to put extra effort - and I'm sure not every one is going to do it.

Still, good to hear about Async Compute. Too bad it can't be properly employed on PC since NVIDIA architecture is so different.

n4gamingm1397d ago

I think its time journalist ask develops in the dx12 preview program than developers who never used dx12. I'm not saving its a magic wand or anything but I tired of hearing the "its not really a big deal".

Alexious1397d ago

He didn't say that it's not a big deal. He said that it can improve performance but only if the developers will choose to put extra effort into it, which realistically not everyone will do, like they would if they had a "magic wand".

Imp0ssibl31397d ago

Curious to see if Uncharted 4 is using Compute or not. By the way, Lords of the Fallen looks great

Volkama1397d ago

Nope naughty dog use actual magic, the cpu and gpu are both idle.

Pandamobile1397d ago

Of course Uncharted 4 will use "compute". If you're not using the GPU to it's full effect on the PS4, all you've got is a laptop GPU from 2011.

mochachino1397d ago

I thought ND said they already were using it.

Aurenar1397d ago

I hope that more and more games will adopt Mantle. My friends talk about it just fine.

Alexious1397d ago

It's very unlikely, as the developer said. Mantle is too limited by only being usable on AMD GPUs, DirectX 12 will sweep it off.

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