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Titanfall: Microsoft Boasts "Hundreds of Thousands" Playing the "Most Anticipated Game of the Year"

Today Titanfall launched in the UK, and Microsoft sent a quite enthusiastic press release explaining that things are going quite well across the Channel and in the US. (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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The_Infected  +   316d ago
And...? Are we suppose to cheer for you?
hulk_bash1987  +   316d ago
You can Golf clap if you'd like.


is that guesstimate shared between both the PC and Xbox One or just the Xbox? Just curious as I bought the game, but for PC.
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TomShoe  +   316d ago
Very vague wording with this PR statement.

So far, we can narrow it down to between 200k and 900k people who've bought the game so far. What's odd is, if they had sold more than half a million, they probably would have let us know about it.

Any ideas, N4G?
Kingthrash360  +   316d ago
the real question is why no "tf sold this many x1 " mentions?
man oh man why do this kind of stat boasting is beyond me. a couple million playing kz 6 mil playing tlou, ....but, so what kz tf have come and are out...shuddup and announce a game....whats next? quantum break? show a new trailer..i mean ..
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nicksetzer1  +   316d ago | Well said
@kingtrash I don't think you formed a single complete sentence there. However, I am positive you did not make any intelligent points....
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allastocata  +   316d ago

Well I would assume there are no mentions of "tf sold this many x1," because it has been 3 days since launch and a lot of retailers haven't even turned in any sales statistics yet... Give them some time, and one reason this statistic actually matters, whereas TLOU and killzone may have sold more copies(not real sure why you are throwing around TLOU numbers, as it was a GOTY winner and has been out for a long time) is the high user count simultaneously on microsofts servers. TLOU and likely KZ never had several hundred thousand players to support at once.
ThanatosDMC  +   316d ago
I thought it would reach a million. Guess not.
guitarded77  +   316d ago
I wish there was an absolute way to determine what the sales would have been if it was on PS platforms too, and the price MS paid for exclusivity. I'm not trolling... I would just love to see that information hit the gaming media (if there was a possibility of actually getting that data).
NewMonday  +   316d ago

my thoughts exactly, you would think Titanfall would manage at least 1 million day1 sales.

really surprised, guess the hype while strong is contained within a certain group and not catching on, in my home we have 4 gamers but I'm the only one who knows about Titanfall.
nicksetzer1  +   316d ago
@thanatos and new monday, he is saying hundreds of thousands playing, as in all at once, not over time. Plus, I highly doubt with 500k preorders in just the US (as of sunday) that globally, and including day of sale, it would easily be one million. Boasting hundreds of thousands consistantly on is amazing, not even COD was able to pull that many users "playing" all at once.
Eonjay  +   316d ago

One doesn't merely sell like COD because it is hyped to do so lol. It will still sell good though. I predict 650k.
Army_of_Darkness  +   316d ago
"Xbox One is the best place to play Titanfall and there has never been a better time to join the new console generation."

Promote this game to the DEATH MS! to the DEATH! like as if you actually owned the ip ;-)
Wizard_King  +   316d ago

Titanfall: Microsoft Boasts "Hundreds of Thousands" Playing the "Most hyped Game of the Year"

Hype and anticipation are 2 different things, just because you plaster adds for it and buy 10/10's all over the place doesn't make it anticipated, it makes it hyped.

I lol'd my pants of at the best place to play TF is on XB1 bit.
Bigpappy  +   316d ago
I want to predict too. I predict it Sold well over a Million across X1 and PC day 1 with most sales going to X1, and that X1 would have easily exceeded 1 Million buy the end of this week, with more than 70,000 consoles sold this week and over 150,000 X1's sold, in NA alone, by month end.
Eonjay  +   316d ago

I think Xbox One sales for the month will exceed 150k
kopicha  +   316d ago

unfortunately that is not how MS works. Whenever they report their console sales it does not factor how many does the retailers have sold. To them they only report what they have "shipped" since to them that is considered "sold" where in theories is true but technically it is not an accurate figure. You new here about how they have been working?
AceBlazer13  +   316d ago
Here's where my hate for Titanfall comes from. When announced the media hyped this game as the second coming of jesus.Then come release it's another fps.
DOMination-  +   316d ago

Sony do the exact same thing.
Azzanation  +   315d ago
MS never use sales figures for there games, the games can sell over 1 million copies but they have never been the company to brag and mention sales. When did MS come out and say Halo 4 sold over 8 million units? MS talk about how many kills or deaths or Zombies people have killed. That's how they work. A game can sell but doesn't mean its being played. They would rather talk about how many gamers are playing there games then how many people have brought there games and sold them off.
UltimateMaster  +   315d ago
"Titanfall: Most Anticipated Game of the Year"
Well this is going to be a boring year...
rainslacker  +   315d ago

So you're saying that TF has an almost 1 in 3(or 1 in 3.4 based on your console sale predictions) attach rate with the X1? Something that even Forza 5 hasn't even achieved yet despite being an Xbox staple franchise. All in less than a week?

This game will sell more on 360 and PC than it does on the X1. Raw install base numbers just make that highly probable, and I doubt X1 TF numbers will be up there in the millions.
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Pogmathoin  +   316d ago
Serious, rather than play games on your $ony, you come here and be sad....

Edit: meant for the serious guy below. Sorry.
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Allsystemgamer  +   316d ago
What's a $ony and how can I play on it?
ger2396  +   316d ago
So what are you doing on here?
Soldierone  +   316d ago
I won't lie. I'm just wasting time waiting for MGS and InFamous to come out haha
pwnsause_returns  +   316d ago
$ony? You mean the company that just sold their ps4s for $400 a pop, while Microsoft is selling their stuff at $500???? The company that are selling the. Most powerful next gen console for cheap? Ooooooooookkkkkkkkaaaayyyyy... ..

Next stupid insult please....
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kenshiro100  +   316d ago
And yet you're here talking about Sony. Don't be a hypocrite.
TheSaint  +   316d ago
What was that one bubble? Care to elaborate? No, guess not.
Ron_Danger  +   315d ago
Just like every Infamous article getting hounded by MS fanboys trying their hardest to downplay how amazing it looks and plays based off of every preview (both professional and leaked early receivers).
ifistbrowni  +   316d ago
there is no way this game is getting Game of the Year. I dont know what game will. But, it definitely will not be TitanFall.

This game is already boring. I'm returning mine to Walmart tomorrow and trying to get a cash refund by saying i didn't know it required Xbox Live. I hope it works.
MrKrispy  +   316d ago
gee it is an online only multiplayer game how you didn't understand that is funny as it has been known for months
ifistbrowni  +   316d ago
@mrkrispy, Gee, i know its an online only video game. I said the game is boring and i want to return it. I opened it, so i need to lie to get a cash refund so im going to say i didnt know it needed Xbox Live.

Its funny how you didnt understand that. Reading comprehension classes have been around for ages.
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Tedakin  +   316d ago
Uh, there's a thing right on the front of the box that says it requires Xbox Live Gold. Good luck.
ifistbrowni  +   316d ago
@tedakin, What's Xbox Live Gold?

Ignorance is bliss.

BTW, i highly doubt some old lady working the register at a local walmart is going to understand what "Xbox Live Gold" is. I'll tell her i bought the Gold, but i didn't know Xbox Live required the internet.

Thanks for the luck, though. I hope i dont need it.
Edward75  +   316d ago
@ ifistbrowni

Great, lie, cheat steal.... You are the first person I have seen on N4G admit to straight up lying. Just think if you can admit it to these people on n4g, stop being a punk and admit it to the one person in walmart who will deal with you. You are a disgusting individual.
ifistbrowni  +   316d ago
@edward, but how would i get my cash refund then?

Opened games should be eligible for return. I was going to trade it in to Gamestop, but then i remembered Walmart is lenient when it comes to returning things. So, instead of getting screwed over by a dis-honest company like gamestop, i'd rather be the one doing the screwing.

You can take it personal, though. It's the internet and im talking about returning a game that i dont like. I see how it concerns you so much, so its completely understandable how you can seem so offended.
Wizard_King  +   316d ago

Good on you bro don't listen to all these high and might sheep, if you think it's a turd then bloody well return it.

People have been returning the whole XB1 console to JB Hifi stores in Australia due to the interface not working perfectly.

I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to get your money back, at least you didn't buy it digital.

And don't worry about what the XBones say, TF is the only thing they have that's better that poop. I'd be a very sad and board gamer if all I had was an XB1
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Father__Merrin  +   316d ago
it's GOTG in case you didn't notice!!!!!

Why are you so angry ha.
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ALLWRONG  +   316d ago
"And...? Are we suppose to cheer for you?"

You would be if it was on the PS4.
MikeGdaGod  +   316d ago
if it were truly the most anticipated game wouldn't it show in sales of the system?
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Gamer1982  +   315d ago
Erm I log onto COD at launch and just on PS3 alone (the worst selling of the 2 consoles for COD) there is over 3 million players.. So hundreds of thousands for both xbone and PC isn't that great.. People will say this is down to less consoles sold but aren't people supposed to buy the console for this game? Plus theres 70 million STEAM (Im aware its not on STEAM) users meaning theres at least 70 million PC gamers.
kratoz1209  +   316d ago
Once Microsoft's Contract ends EA will bring this to Sony's Consoles
DJ  +   316d ago
Probably. Mass Effect was an "Xbox Exclusive" and look how that turned out.
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n4rc  +   316d ago
So was mgs.. What's your point?
-EvoAnubis-  +   316d ago
@n4rc : The Metal Gear Sold series was NEVER exclusive; only a few titles were.
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Tedakin  +   316d ago
Yeah that contract ended because Bioware was bought out by EA voiding all contracts. So who is going to buy out EA?
Kingthrash360  +   316d ago
so was ff for sony...his point 3rd party exclusives tend to become non exclusive over time. just as tf will. i doubt ea or respawn would sale it now. its another franchise that would make more as a non exclusive.
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monkeyDzoro  +   316d ago
Most anticpated game of what ? For you perhaps.
My most anticipated games just got delayed. The Division and now, The Witcher3.
Now I've two left : TheOrder and Destiny.
dc1  +   315d ago
You hit my top four as well.
Great minds....

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rainslacker  +   315d ago
For me personally it's The Order, Drakengard 3, and Mind Zero. Bayonetta 2 may get a place if they ever show anything more from it.:)
5eriously  +   316d ago
LOL, PR hype at it's best!

Every-time NPD numbers becomes available M$ PR comes with another PR invention or is it distraction?
MrKrispy  +   316d ago
this is no different to when sony say similar things about their games
polow got sol  +   316d ago
Great news ms it's well deserved. Titanfall is a great game. Keep the great exclusives coming.
RDF  +   316d ago
Next I fear will be the endless stream of empty information. How many bots,titans were killed/blown up. how many times pilots wall ran and used their smart guns while jumping in the air doing 360s and drinking MT Dew......well...you get the picture. >.>
SegaGamer  +   316d ago
You're spot on, they have top 5 kills of the week already

CrossingEden  +   316d ago
You do realize that Microsoft didn't make that video right? This game selling well is a GOOD thing. You people need to stop trying to turn it into a negative thing.
RDF  +   316d ago
Forgive me sega but I completly forgot about the infografs! I can picture the major walking up on stage with a large TF graph in the background.happly gloating about the number of bullets fired into walls. All to the music of 300.
100 million times the share button has been used. That was information that surely cured cancer.
ShowGun901  +   315d ago

...and doritos! you forgot Doritos! how can you forget the M$ online tweenage trifecta? COD, (now titanfall) Mt. Dew and Doritos? its the M$ Trinity man!
RDF  +   314d ago
Sorry Show Im trying to forget the Doritos pope scandel...it was probably the lowest point for gaming.
D-riders  +   316d ago
Damn ms when you say stuff like the most anticipated game it makes you look cover and that's not what you need. It's not the most anticipated game. Metal gear will outsell titanfall and so will infamous on next gen Consoles. You guys talk too much shit, that's part of why your sales are no as good as they can be
Gozer  +   316d ago
The X1 has only been released in 13 countries so far. The X1 is doing just fine right now. Titanfall won like 80 awards in the past year. I would say it was highly anticipated.
Sevir  +   316d ago
Hundreds of thousands of people bought "the most anticipated game of the year" and I'm like "Can't wait for Infamous: Second Son"

The Hyperbole and sensational caption to Titan Fall isn't necessary! The game is fun but critically I'd hardly call it the biggest game of the year... I feel that TF on XBO isn't gonna crack a million not this month... So far One Forza is cited as passing a million... Ryse, DR3, and KI haven't broken a million yet! It'll be interesting to see the platform for platform performance is. We know at least that right now the game sits between 200k-900k.
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Harmy666  +   315d ago
Titanfall won "80+" awards last year, one of them being "The most anticipated game of the year"…
SlapHappyJesus  +   316d ago
I don't see why the hate is there. This was a big release for Microsoft and many, many companies boast when they have something good going for them. Microsoft and their console need to positive press.

Anyway, personally, MY most anticipated game of 2014 is now that of 2015 and goes by the name of 'Witcher 3'.
LOGICWINS  +   316d ago
My most anticipated game of 2014 WAS The Witcher 3, but now its Arkham Knight. Can't even fathom how awesome that game will be!
HomerDog  +   316d ago
because n4g is blind and believe there should only be able one console.
SegaGamer  +   316d ago
It's not Microsoft i have a problem with. I ain't no fanboy. My problem is that it's another FPS that is getting all the hype on a Microsoft console. It's like they have no room for praise/hype for any other genre.
SlapHappyJesus  +   316d ago
Infamous is hyped. 1886 is hyped. Purely the existence of another Uncharted is hyped. Drive Club is hyped. Bayonetta 2, Project Cars, Star Citizen, X, Quantum Break.

Not sure why you think that.
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beerzombie  +   316d ago
we like multiplayer shooters. There are a lot of other games that MS promotes on their consoles that are not shooters. Xbox 360 had a lot of great game on Xbox live downloadable that were cheap I should know I have about 140 games on my hard drive and 5 on Xbox one.

Ps is full of shooters too. You may not count them but that's what they are; uncharted is a shooter, last of us is a shooter etc....There are a lot of games that have you killing endless amount of enemies even if you using a blade or magic. We don't live in Japan were they have dating Sims and porno games.
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Harmy666  +   315d ago
What's wrong with it being on a MS console? why is that such a problem, would you not have a problem with it if it was on Sonys console?
SegaGamer  +   315d ago
@Harmy666, i don't know if you will see this but that isn't what i am saying at all so i don't know where you have got that from. What i am saying is that Microsoft's most hyped games are more often than not an FPS, it's boring, i don't care what console it is on, i'm not interested in the game. And like i said, i ain't no fanboy, i would love to have a PS4, Xbox One and a Wii U if i could afford them all.
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TheDarpaChief  +   316d ago
Positivity is impossible to attain on gaming news websites. You could slap them happy if you wish but that would be mean
FITgamer  +   316d ago
Well there were "hundreds of thousands" pre-orders, so that would make sense.
OrangePowerz  +   316d ago
They still find specific wordings to completely ignore that it comes to the 360 as well and to make it look like it's X1 and PC only.

The statement was very non descriptive in how well it sold so far.
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Whiskeyjacked87  +   316d ago
If this was just on X1 I would be a bit upset being a Sony Fan but its no biggy being released on 2 different platforms.
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MRMagoo123  +   316d ago
chito1016d  +   316d ago
This is easily the most enjoyable shooter I've played multi-player wise. I'm not usually a competitive shooter but this one hits the sweet spot for me. It may not be for everyone because I know plenty of people are campaign and story focused and after completing the campaign twice.... I still have no idea what the heck it's about. But it is certainly fun nonetheless.
Slothnut  +   316d ago
Ditto on the campaign. Just gives me a reason to hate the other team of real players even more than I already do. Really fun after u get into it. I hope they do some dlc with different scenarios from all over the galaxy not just 1 small war. I don't care if each mission has its own story that's cool. Haha
BX81  +   316d ago
Titanfall can smd right now. How in the hell do you have online only and have every game with at least 2 people lagging. I don't want to hear it's the weekend and there are a lot of people on and the game just released. Those are excuses for not having a product that works properly. I'm tired of giving my money to companies that can't deliver. It was fine until Friday.
moparful99  +   316d ago
Since when does Titanfall have a campaign? Last I knew it had a story peppered into the online environment to create a faux campaign..
heisenberguk  +   316d ago
HIP HIP.......!!
Slothnut  +   316d ago
I didn't think titanfall would be this good. It is so Fun and I love Last Titan standing mode. Just robot on robot war. Good job Microsoft I've convinced my coworkers to try xbox and they all just thanked me at work today because of how much fun titanfall is haha. Feels good!! Bout to join a party with them now!
christocolus  +   316d ago
Lol..nice one.I had to travel just a week before launch with my boss and some coleagues on a stupid work trip so i havent been able to get my hands on it yet but that hasnt stopped my brother and his friends from going ahead without me,its obvious theyve been having so much fun with the game in my absence.. to make matters worse some of his friends kept yelling "titanfall" into the phone while i was talking to bro yesterday...lol. Im missing out, cant wait to get back. I need to get back....:(
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NaAsAr  +   316d ago
shouldn't it be millions like cod?
Slothnut  +   316d ago
Haha oh man I'd be dying if I were you. I mean missing the launch of titanfall is one thing. But your crew rubbing it in how much fun they r having without you...that's just cold blooded. I mean this game really feels like your in the pilot seat of a giant mech just going berserk on everything you see. Has such a unique feel to it.
nix  +   316d ago
i'm sure there's a reply button somewhere.
merciless  +   316d ago
I have been telling people for a while but they bought into the hype instead of looking at the actual install base. "Hundreds of thousands" = "We're waiting to crack a million."
Trekster_Gamer  +   316d ago
N4G A place where lonely ps4 owners who have no real games to play and are jealous of the superior games, on the superior console. They come here to comfort one another and spew lies and hate towards the Awesome Xbox One! N4G a place, a home for Sony Trolling....
Pancit_Canton  +   316d ago
Oh.....The Irony!!
NeloAnjelo  +   316d ago
Superior console...? Oh wait, a troll and fan boy calling out other trolls and fan boys.
dekke  +   316d ago
so TF is superior ? i played beta and its just another cod with robots and less players and thats cause of X1 cant handle more..tho cant argue who like what ...sure TF is fun but its too easy but its okee for new players to FPS genre =)
Titanpete  +   316d ago
Yep they are all here cause they have no games to play, they turn on the console for 5 min then back off cause its no games for it. Thats why i sold mine i can care less for infamous a game i can finish in 2 days then its forgoten now titanfall its Different story its pure fun mp can play it for months. Titanfall on xbox one! Ps4 its crap. Yea vote me down all you want, in you hearts you know its true, the only real next gen console with the beat games its the xbox.
Ben Dover  +   316d ago
"the only real next gen console with the beat games its the xbox."

The beat games? Next-gen dancing to Han Solo with Kinect confirmed!
DigitalRaptor  +   316d ago
Ah yeah - there's that dudebro attitude I come to expect from the Xboys.

What's stopping you from playing inFamous for months on end? You know, like how gamers have done and enjoyed doing for over 15 years?

Or how about this? You play inFamous, and then go out and actually play OTHER games? You know..... the other PS4 games that to this day, outnumbers the games available on Xbone.

Watch out N4G, cause the inFamous hate is really going to heat up, once the Xboys realise how a fantastic, truly next-gen open-world game performs both on the screen, and in sales. We'll see just how many people care about inFamous on PS4 vs. Titanfall on the Xbone in just a few days.
#18.4.2 (Edited 316d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(7) | Report
mkis007  +   316d ago
If the game was as good as it was hyped, people like you wouldn't be posting.

When I get locked in a game social media and the internet is dead.

MGS and SS next week mean that you wont see me on here for a while...I know you are sad.
#18.4.3 (Edited 316d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report
sAVAge_bEaST  +   315d ago
So you made your pro.file. ~4days ago.\

( to help hype TF ) http://n4g.com/user/comment...
#18.4.4 (Edited 315d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
rainslacker  +   315d ago
I'm personally between games. Just finished Macross on the PC-Engine and can't decide what to play next. Probably gonna finish off Lightning returns though, kinda got distracted with work and a bad cold. Maybe start South Park or something, but not sure if I'll be able to finish it before Infamous comes out, so perhaps DuckTales remastered. I tend to be kinda slow on picking up a new game since I can never decide what's going to interest me for the next week or so and I hate stopping games mid way through.

How about you? Care to discuss games instead of fan boys?
Delsin_Rowe   315d ago | Personal attack | show
kenshiro100  +   316d ago
And yet you're here too.
NeloAnjelo  +   316d ago
Not millions playing?
urwifeminder  +   316d ago
Great stuff well done Respawn and MS , even hating is more popular than rez or downgrade articles so much hurt so little time.
koliosis  +   316d ago
I'm having sooo much fun!!!
lonewolfjedi  +   316d ago
not even a million? the way this game was hyped into oblivion with a lot attention from the press too. now know I why nobody has been talking about the sales of this especially Microsoft.
#22 (Edited 316d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
SilentNegotiator  +   316d ago
In other words, "We haven't even hit a million yet, despite it being a flagship title for our new system and being on PC"

Was it worth the money to get exclusivity of one title in this franchise, MS?
#23 (Edited 316d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
DigitalRaptor  +   316d ago
It's really strange.

We hear how this is the "biggest title of the year" and "destroys anything on PS4", but if this were true and the hype justified the amount MS is putting into this game, it should have already cracked a million.

Though it's not even MS you should be asking that question to. it's EA who are currently sobbing their guts up that they have missed out on a massive install base, and deciding what the next move is for this franchise.

Microsoft was going to spend a metric s**t-ton on this game regardless - the future of their console as it stands, rests firmly on the shoulders of these Titans, so that's unsurprising, but results aren't showing that it's pulling them above the competition. It's going to be harder than ever for MS to seal this franchise as an exclusive.

If Titanfall isn't the one to match expectations and really drive the Xbox One, then only Halo can. And that's not coming until 2015.
#23.1 (Edited 316d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
rainslacker  +   315d ago
I imagine EA isn't really crying. They probably got a pretty good chunk of change from MS for exclusivity. One can assume that since PS4 sales are roughly double that of X1, that it would sell roughly double the number of copies on the PS4.

Long term EA probably wasn't hampered too bad, because PC and 360 will make up a bulk of the sales anyways. The fact it went exclusive probably made this title more desirable to Xbox owners anyways. Exclusive titles tend to get more hype for new IP's...although typically those are 1st party games, so who knows.
Bigpappy  +   316d ago
It took close to a month before we got any data from Sony on sales. And this guy did not say how many unit have been sold let alone the total across systems. You any your buddies are having another one of those premature whatchamacallits.
SilentNegotiator  +   316d ago
A million people having bought the game would have been a more impressive stat than the vague one that he gave. He simply couldn't boast a million sold because it isn't true.

ANYONE following the game industry knows that (unless it's a major title like a GTA game that sells like 10 million off the bat) they always announce a million sold. Just watch; they will announce a million on the exact day that the figures come into their office (whether that takes another couple of days, weeks, or a month).

FFS, he didn't even brag about "simultaneous players" numbers.
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AutoCad  +   316d ago
Ya i noticed alot of new people on the game last night,i took advantage of the new people lol
Tedakin  +   316d ago
Microsoft puts out a press release boasting about a great game and everyone calls them trash. It's sad. They can't do anything right, even when they do things right.
pandehz  +   316d ago
Good news.

A good start for a new IP. Just wait till it becomes a household name.
badboy776  +   316d ago
Who Cares?
SpartanBerdiel  +   316d ago
Isn't destiny the most anticipated game of the year?
DigitalRaptor  +   316d ago
It definitely deserves to be more anticipated than Titanfall, but the reality is, the majority of people follow manufactured hype rather than anything else that is of more substance.
OldDude  +   316d ago
Enter the PS4... the irony.

I outta know, I bought one, it reminds me of the Wii, all hype and no substance.
DigitalRaptor  +   315d ago
Wii had great games. Explain...
RIP_Cell  +   316d ago
phenomenal game, well deserved
Lawboy2  +   316d ago
I wonder if anyone realized it was hundred of thousand in the UK
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