Titanfall: Microsoft Boasts "Hundreds of Thousands" Playing the "Most Anticipated Game of the Year"

Today Titanfall launched in the UK, and Microsoft sent a quite enthusiastic press release explaining that things are going quite well across the Channel and in the US.

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kratoz12091707d ago

Once Microsoft's Contract ends EA will bring this to Sony's Consoles

DJ1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Probably. Mass Effect was an "Xbox Exclusive" and look how that turned out.

n4rc1707d ago

So was mgs.. What's your point?

-EvoAnubis-1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

@n4rc : The Metal Gear Sold series was NEVER exclusive; only a few titles were.

Tedakin1706d ago

Yeah that contract ended because Bioware was bought out by EA voiding all contracts. So who is going to buy out EA?

Kingthrash3601706d ago

so was ff for sony...his point 3rd party exclusives tend to become non exclusive over time. just as tf will. i doubt ea or respawn would sale it now. its another franchise that would make more as a non exclusive.

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monkeyDzoro1707d ago

Most anticpated game of what ? For you perhaps.
My most anticipated games just got delayed. The Division and now, The Witcher3.
Now I've two left : TheOrder and Destiny.

dc11706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

You hit my top four as well.
Great minds....


rainslacker1706d ago

For me personally it's The Order, Drakengard 3, and Mind Zero. Bayonetta 2 may get a place if they ever show anything more from it.:)

5eriously1707d ago

LOL, PR hype at it's best!

Every-time NPD numbers becomes available M$ PR comes with another PR invention or is it distraction?

Kiwi661707d ago

this is no different to when sony say similar things about their games

polow got sol1707d ago

Great news ms it's well deserved. Titanfall is a great game. Keep the great exclusives coming.